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Global Rescue supports NASA mission in Chilean desert for Mars cave detection research
August 1, 2008

Can caves on Mars support life? A team of researchers from NASA’s Earth-Mars Cave Detection program has set out to answer at least part of that question on its expedition to Chile this month.

So far, the mission has turned up some huge surprises.

Scientists are advancing the theory that, if there is evidence of life on Mars, it may be found in subterranean environments. As part of the Atacama Desert Expedition, Phase 2, Earth-Mars Cave Detection Project, J. Judson Wynne and a team of researchers are planting sensors to study the microclimates inside caves, and monitor the temperature swings at cave entrances to better understand how to locate them on Earth with thermal imaging. Once done, the researchers will apply these techniques to searching for caves on Mars, as well as the Moon.

The expedition has tasked Global Rescue to provide rescue and medical evacuation support for the expedition, which takes place in the high-altitude, volcanic Atacama, the driest and one of the most remote deserts in the world.

Global Rescue is a Boston-based crisis-response company that performs medical and security evacuations all over the world. The company has recently performed rescue and evacuation missions in the Himalayas, the French Alps and Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest peak in South America.

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