Relax, We Got Your Back!

Lucky you! A trip to Sailfish Bay or one of our other Sportfishing Worldwide destinations is finally on your calendar. It’s going to be all smooth sailing, for sure. But then again, there is a small chance of something going wrong. We wouldn’t be a responsible agent and lodge owner if we didn’t point that out. Witness what happened to Don Causey, Publisher of The Angling Report, the newsletter for anglers who travel. Injured severely on a trip to Cameroon, West Africa, he had to be evacuated home at a personal cost of $124,000! A similar evacuation from Sailfish Bay, or one of our other destinations in this hemisphere, could cost you $70,000 or more.

Enter Global Rescue, the field rescue and medical evacuation company we have partnered with. Staffed by former Navy SEALS and other elite military personnel, Global Rescue has the assets in place and the staff on call to get you out of any kind of emergency that might develop on your trip. Their service includes field rescue anywhere in the world, plus transportation home to the hospital of your choosing. Along the way, if necessary, a Global Rescue paramedic will be on hand, coordinating your care with experts at Johns Hopkins, their consulting Hospital.

The key difference between Global Rescue and other providers of medical evacuation coverage is Global Rescue’s commitment to provide field rescue. Credit card providers and other firms that offer medical evacuation require that you be hospitalized locally to qualify for a transport home. Some providers guarantee you transport only to the nearest appropriate medical facility, and they are the ones who define “appropriate.” Only Global Rescue among medical evacuation providers operates like an International 911 Service, maintaining an around-the-clock Operations Center staffed by critical-care paramedics. No bureaucrats answer the phone at Global Rescue. Their commitment to members begins at the point of injury or illness worldwide.

Global Rescue offers annual memberships or short-term memberships starting as low as $119. If you plan to make several trips this year, an annual membership is the best buy. And, in truth, it may be the best buy no matter how many trips you plan to take, as Global Rescue’s service is available any time you are 160 miles or more away from your home.

You can learn more and sign up for Global rescue by clicking here. You can also fill out the Contact Us Form below that will go straight to the offices of Global Rescue, alerting them that you have questions about their service. Alternately, you can call them at: 800-381-9754. Just be sure you identify yourself as a client of Sportfishing Worldwide. Our identifying code is: SF11291.

Security Evacuations

Members who upgrade their medical evacuation memberships to include Global Rescue Security Services can be evacuated in the event of crises that threaten their personal security when traveling, including, but not limited to, war, civil unrest, coup d’état and natural disaster. Their teams of military special operations personnel, using fixed and rotary wing air assets as necessary, respond to bring their members to safety from around the globe.

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Remember to use CDC code
"SF11291" when signing up for membership or use the links to the right or call 1-800-381-9754.

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