Broken Legs on Carstensz Pyramid

July 16, 2018
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Voldemars Spruzs the morning after his surgery

After an arduous trek through dense jungle, experienced mountaineer Voldemars Spruzs successfully summitted Puncak Jaya, or Carstensz Pyramid, in Indonesia, leaving only Mount Vinson to complete his Seven Summits challenge.

During a particularly rainy day on the final few meters of his descent, Voldemars slipped on the wet rocks, sustaining fractures to both lower legs. He was completely incapacitated and far away from medical care.

Expedition leaders contacted Global Rescue, which put into action a complex rescue plan.

A helicopter evacuated Voldemars from the remote jungle of Papua to a medical facility in Timika for initial stabilization. Shortly after, a further transport was performed by air ambulance to a medical center of excellence vetted by Global Rescue in Jakarta. Here Voldemars received initial surgical repair of his fractures.

Global Rescue deployed two medical operations personnel to Voldemars’ bedside in Jakarta to coordinate his trip home to Riga, Latvia. After an additional week’s recovery in Jakarta, Global Rescue personnel accompanied Voldemars all the way back into the care of his chosen medical facility in Riga.

Voldemars’ immediate family was kept apprised of developments by Global Rescue to provide relief and comfort.

“Every step of the way, Global Rescue was there for me to look after all the things I couldn’t -- from complex issues like transporting me internationally, to the simple things like making sure I got a good cup of coffee while recovering in the hospital,” said Spruzs. “I would never climb again without being a Global Rescue member.”

Voldemars has successfully undergone a second surgery and is on his path to full recovery, but he isn’t finished yet. Voldemars will restore his strength to complete the Seven Summits as planned, and explore many more new mountains and adventures.


Spruzs at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid



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