Global Rescue Gearing Up for Climbing Season in Nepal

February 20, 2019

With the Himalayan climbing season approaching, Global Rescue will again deploy personnel to the region to rescue injured and ill climbers and trekkers.

“Global Rescue personnel will be ready on the ground to support our members with life-saving rescue and evacuation services,” said Dan Richards, CEO and founder of Global Rescue. “We save lives and we’ve been there for climbers pursuing their dreams for nearly 15 years.”

With more than a decade of experience providing emergency evacuation services to climbers in Nepal, Global Rescue frequently deploys personnel during climbing season to support its members.

In 2018 alone, Global Rescue performed more than 100 rescue and evacuation missions in the Himalayas, including dozens on Everest.

Global Rescue fully supports the commitment Nepal’s government has made to the security and safety of its climbing community.

Global Rescue’s experienced rescue specialists, medics and physicians frequently fly to our members to perform rescues in even the most remote environments. From an initial field assessment to hospitalization, staff members remain bedside with members overseeing their care.

Global Rescue also ensures full due diligence when it comes to flight operations by conducting site visits and physical inspections. Only contracted and vetted helicopter providers perform rescues for Global Rescue members in Nepal, with a majority of staff members physically present on the helicopter.

Heading to Nepal for your next climb? Contact Member Services at (617) 459-4200 or send an email to memberservices@globalrescue.com for details on a Global Rescue membership. Global Rescue is committed to supporting its members.


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