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Global Rescue extracts members from Egypt after unrest

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July 22, 2013
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By the time the US State Department announced that all non-essential US citizens leave Egypt following the resignation of former President Muhammed Morsi, Global Rescue’s security personnel had been on the ground for nearly a week, advising our members and preparing evacuation routes.

During this time, protests coordinated by supporters and opponents of President Morsi led to massive rallies and violence that resulted in a number of deaths, including that of at least one American.

To support our clients, Global Rescue’s on-the-ground security specialists directed communication between members and their home organizations.  Global Rescue’s members – including a number of individual travelers, students participating in study abroad programs, and corporations – all received detailed security advice from our deployed operators.

Throughout this entire period, Global Rescue’s intelligence analysts provided our personnel with detailed reports on developments throughout the area, which were quickly shared with each of our members in the region.  Global Rescue’s security advice included information on planned demonstration locations and actionable recommendations for traveler safety.

Faced with the possibility of continued instability, Global Rescue prepared evacuation resources and established unique rally points for each of our members and clients in the region. 

On July 7, Global Rescue’s security personnel escorted approximately sixty members to a privately chartered aircraft and evacuated them to safety.

About Global Rescue

Global Rescue is a worldwide provider of integrated medical, security, intelligence and crisis response services to corporations, governments and individuals. Founded in partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Global Rescue's unique operational model provides best-in-class services that identify, monitor and respond to potential threats. Global Rescue has provided medical and security support to clients during every globally significant crisis of the last decade. Memberships start at $119 and entitle members to rescue and transport services to their home hospital of choice.


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