Holiday travel tips from a road warrior

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December 21, 2015
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As the holiday travel season approaches, Global Rescue interviewed the most experienced travelers we know -- our very own Operations personnel. From remote corners of South Africa to the Himalayan mountains and the Great Wall of China, Global Rescue deploys our security and medical specialists around the world to assist our members. If anyone knows how to handle stressful travel, it’s this team.  

Drew Pache, a Senior Manager in our Security Operations Department and a former Green Beret, has some tips on staying safe and sane while on the road this holiday season.

1. Pack a small first aid kit

Everywhere I go, I always bring at least a few basic supplies, including Band-Aids, tweezers, Ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol tablets, and some type of non-drowsy antihistamine. Super glue and a small sewing kit are great for keeping my clothes together in the field but can also be used on cuts in a pinch.

2. Stay hydrated

Most of the time when I’m feeling under the weather, it’s because I haven’t consumed enough water. Got a headache? Drink water. Feeling tired? Drink water. I always take an empty water bottle through security when flying and fill it up on the other side at a water fountain or sink. I stay away from alcohol, too. While grabbing a couple of beers might make the long flight a little better, it’s not worth feeling dehydrated and hungover on the plane. This is especially true on international flights.

3. Naps

I’m a huge fan of naps and will take one whenever I can. I’ve slept in planes, airports, vans, and the back of moving pickup trucks. I’ve learned a lot of things while at Global Rescue, but the ability to sleep anywhere is one of my favorites. So long as you keep it under 30 minutes, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever’s next. I carry around a cheap pair of foam earplugs to block out jet engines, crying babies, and anything else that will wake me up.

4. Keep a good attitude

With so many people traveling at once, it’s always going to be difficult during the holidays. Getting stressed out isn’t going to make anything go faster. If your flight is delayed or even canceled, there’s no point in getting angry with the ticket agent since it’s not up to them when your flight takes off. In fact, just being nice to the ticket agent has gotten me more free upgrades than my frequent flier number ever has.


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