MISSION BRIEF: March, 2018

March 29, 2018
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Every day, Global Rescue personnel are involved in medical, security, and travel operations all over the globe. Here is a snapshot of some of our recent activity.


ALASKA – Facilitated the search and rescue of a member who fell through the ice near Arctic Village.

INDONESIA – Evacuated a member who sustained two broken legs while climbing Carstensz Pyramid in the remote jungle of Papua and deployed personnel to his bedside to escort him home.

PAKISTAN – Performed a helicopter evacuation when a member suffered severe symptoms of altitude sickness while climbing in Shimshal.

ARGENTINA – Evacuated a member who was blinded by snow on Mount Aconcagua and was unable to continue.

MEXICO – Arranged for a member to have a prescription refilled while traveling in Cabo San Lucas.

GERMANY – Provided medical advisory services for a member who sustained head and arm injuries after suffering a fall while getting out of a taxi in Berlin while traveling on business.

COSTA RICA – Advised a member who was stung by a scorpion.

THAILAND – Recommended treatment and evaluated local medical care for a member who suffered a hand laceration in Bangkok.

ALASKA – Recommended treatment and an appropriate local medical facility for a member who injured his knee while heliskiing.

CANADA – Performed a medical evacuation for a member who suffered a traumatic hip injury in British Columbia while skiing.

GRENADA – Provided medical advisory services for a member with an ear infection.

NIGERIA – Performed a medical evacuation on behalf of a client with a traveling employee who suffered a ruptured appendix.

ETHIOPIA – Recommended treatment and an appropriate local medical facility for two members afflicted with severe diarrhea.

PORTUGAL ­– Provided medical advisory services to a member suffering from ocular migraines with visual effects.



SOUTH KOREA – Global Rescue security personnel provided on-the-ground support for a client at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

BRAZIL – Advised a member who was concerned about a military coup while traveling in Rio.

BARCELONA – Provided guidance to a school with a student detained by police.

TURKEY – Provided advice regarding an individual who was attacked and robbed in Istanbul.

HAWAII – Advised a member regarding the false warning of an inbound ballistic missile targeting Hawaii.

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – Provided assessments of the security and medical risks to clients and members in multiple locations including Mexico and Morocco.


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