An Unbeatable Combination For Businesses of All Sizes: TotalCare

April 17, 2020
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In a matter of days, the world as we knew it changed forever: we are now living in the midst of a pandemic.

This is something no one expected. Companies are scrambling to adjust to the sudden demands of travel bans, social distancing and quarantines — all while putting new policies in place to safeguard the health of their employees and customers.

Global Rescue has been working around the clock to counsel companies on how to navigate the very real risks now facing their stakeholders — and how to advance those protections when the current crisis subsides so companies are able to meet their duty of care to their employees and other stakeholders.

TotalCareSM is proving to be crucial in addressing those risks

As cases rise around the globe, it’s no secret doctors’ offices and hospitals are not the places to be. They are overwhelmed with cases; supplies and staff are limited. Unless in an emergency, it is imperative that your employees stay home and practice social distancing to remain healthy and decrease the spread of the virus.

That’s why TotalCare is so valuable. It allows your employees access to expert medical diagnosis, treatments and prescriptions from board-certified doctors via real-time video consultations, without having to break social distancing protocols.

Yet, TotalCare is not just for pandemics and lockdowns. The pandemic will abate and business will return to normal. The business leaders who are prepared to protect their workforce will rebound sooner and better.

TotalCare is an important part of that rebound. It is a long-term service providing you and your employees access to trusted physicians who are familiar with global traveler medical concerns. It’s access people want, especially when they are in a situation with foreign medical professionals and need a home country perspective.

One of our clients in international educational experiences uses Global Rescue services at least once per trip. They have relied on our medical operations teams for food poisoning, head injuries and most recently, a potential case of COVID-19.

Based on a recent survey of our members, they want access to telehealth services, like TotalCare, as an additional resource when traveling outside of their home country by a 9-to-1 margin.

An Unbeatable Combination: Global Rescue Travel Services & TotalCare

When combined with Global Rescue travel services, our clients get the most value out of TotalCare. With TotalCare, your employees will be assessed over video chat. From there, we will help them track down a local pharmacy, or a hospital, if they need in-person treatment. On top of that, our providers will be in touch with local health departments to make your employees aware of the latest COVID-19 restrictions and any other health concerns present in their country.

All this and you will still have our complete suite of enterprise-level services. In fact, Global Rescue is the only fully integrated provider of travel risk, crisis management and staffing solutions.

With TotalCare your employees will have access to:

A dedicated care team: World-class Elite Medical Group (EMG) doctors are part of the same practice. This approach ensures continuity of care. You always get an EMG physician, which sets TotalCare apart from other services.

A customizable pricing structure: ER visits can cost thousands of dollars. But TotalCare consults often cost less than most copays and are uniquely customizable and scalable to the needs of your organization. For instance, your company could allot a number of consults to each employee, offer no-cost consults to employees, split the costs with your employees or require employees to pay per consult.

Worldwide access: Whether it’s at home in the middle of the night or your employees are traveling on business, access is available.

Licensed doctors in all 50 states: Board-certified doctors are licensed in all 50 states with the ability to prescribe and order labs or diagnostic imaging if needed.

How It Works

If one of your employees has a medical concern, they would follow three simple steps:

  • Request a Consultation: Access doctors 24/7 with no wait times, available on the phone or on the web.
  • Consult a Doctor: Once your medical history and symptoms have been obtained, you will be placed into a live video conference with a board certified, licensed doctor.
  • Receive a Treatment Plan: If a prescription is needed, it will be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice. Doctors can also order lab work or diagnostic imaging if needed.

“Many of our cases have started out using TotalCare and ended with the travel services,” said Dr. Claudia Zegans of Elite Medical Group. “It’s a powerful addition to our travel membership and we see them work together all the time with very high client satisfaction. Every single person who uses this service absolutely loves it.”

The personal nature of TotalCare is also one of the big differentiators between other telemedicine services. Every case receives a follow-up and doctors make sure patients are on the road to recovery before they part ways.

“Telemedicine cases are often handled as a one and done. There is no ongoing relationship or responsibility,” Dr. Zegans said. “But with TotalCare we have the ability to follow up with our patients in a way that I haven’t seen elsewhere in our industry.”

And it’s that personal contact that makes the biggest difference in the face of medical emergencies when your employees are far from home.

These days, COVID-19 is front and center for employers like you who are wondering how to protect their work force. And for your employees around the world, who may fear their symptoms could be related to COVID-19 and simply want reassurance of talking to someone to know if they should pursue getting a test.

Whether they have questions about exposure, risk or quarantine, with TotalCare, your employees won’t have to leave their home to get an expert opinion – no matter their condition.

The reality of a pandemic is that employers must take new and different measures to protect their most valuable resource: their employees. That means helping them stay healthy and especially, COVID-19-free.

Call us at +1 617.459.4200 or email us at memberservices@globalrescue.com to speak with a member of our enterprise team.

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