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January 7, 2016
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In the wake of the $41.7 million Hotchkiss School verdict, Global Rescue CEO and Founder Dan Richards delivered a presentation at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) annual conference to help schools and organizations meet their "Duty of Care" and "Duty to Disclose" requirements to reduce the risk adverse outcomes and resulting lawsuits from student travel and study abroad.

Richards began by relaying the story of Cara Munn, a teenager on the Hotchkiss School-sponsored trip to China, who fell ill with an insect-borne disease that was contracted while on a hike. A local clinic misdiagnosed her condition and she was transferred to a hospital in Beijing where it took weeks before she was flown to the United States. She permanently lost her ability to speak and some of her cognitive ability. Hotchkiss was ruled negligent by the court because they did not:  

  • Have an emergency action plan in place
  • Make advance arrangements to return any inured or ill students to the United States
  • Warn students they could be subject to insect-transmitted diseases
  • Ensure students took insect bite precautions
  • Include medical personnel on the trip

Richards cited an important statistic to the TABS audience: Travel comes with inherent risks: 1 out of 12 (8 percent) of travelers will seek care. He followed up with three major points:

  1. You have a legal duty of care to a person in your charge.
  2. You are open to a negligence suit if this is breached.
  3. The presence of a comprehensive “Emergency Action Plan” can significantly lower your liability.

TABS and Global Rescue – A New Alliance

In addition to the Preparedness 101 presentation, a new alliance between TABS and Global Rescue was announced at the meeting. Under the terms of the agreement, Global Rescue becomes the exclusive global medical and security evacuation provider to TABS, offering global travel risk and crisis management services.  TABS members benefit from Global Rescue’s worldwide medical and security response, travel risk, travel intelligence, and emergency action planning and training services. 

Here’s How Global Rescue Can Help Your School or Organization

For a comprehensive assessment and recommendation regarding a Travel Risk & Crisis Management Program for your school or organization, contact us.


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