Mission Brief: December 2018

Thu Dec 27 09:51:00 EST 2018
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Every day, Global Rescue personnel are involved in medical, security, and travel operations all over the globe to ensure its members are safe and sound. Since 2004, Global Rescue has conducted over 15,000 operations. From Australia to Zimbabwe, here is a snapshot of some of our recent activity. 


ARGENTINA – Monitored the condition and supported the medical care of a member who suffered from severe acute mountain sickness (AMS).

AUSTRALIA – Provided medical advice to a couple experiencing severe upper respiratory infection signs and symptoms after disembarking from a cruise ship.

CHILE – Assessed the condition and supported the medical care of a member who suffered from oral lacerations and a possible concussion due to a skiing accident.

CHINA – Advised a member who suffered facial lacerations from a fall after temporary loss of consciousness.

ITALY – Provided medical advisory services and medical escort for a member who sustained a tibial fracture while skiing.

KYRGYZSTAN – Provided medical advisory services and hospital referral for a member who broke his leg while horseback riding. Deployed medical personnel to escort member back home.

MEXICO – Coordinated the medical repatriation by air ambulance of a member in need of urgent re-attachment surgery of severe partial amputation of fingers.

NEPAL – Supplied medical support, advice, helicopter field rescue services and mortal remains transports on dozens of missions for members participating in climbing expeditions.

NIGERIA – Coordinated air ambulance transport and provided medical advice to an employee of a client organization who suffered from a diaphragmatic hernia.

SEYCHELLES – Provided medical advice and evacuation to a member who was bitten on the foot by a giant trevally near the remote island of Farquhar.

SWITZERLAND – Provided medical advisory services to a member who fell while biking and fractured her ankle.


BANGLADESH– Provided security advice to a client NGO that reported having workers who had been briefly detained and questioned by law enforcement.

CAMEROON Provided security advice to members who were traveling in the vicinity of a shooting incident.

HAITI – Provided security advisory services for a client with travel plans to Haiti.

INDIA – Advised and assisted a member with a lost passport in India. Arranged for an appointment at US Embassy in New Delhi.

INDIA Advised a member who was taken into custody in New Delhi for possession of a satellite phone.

LEBANON – Provided security support for a client operating in Beirut.

MEXICO – Fielded request for secure transport for individuals with upcoming travel to Cancún.

NIGER – Provided assessment of security conditions for a client.

NIGERIA – Supplied information to a client regarding potential security consequences during the Nigerian election process.

ZIMBABWE – Provided security support for an international conservation group operating throughout Zimbabwe.


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