supporting you around the office and the globe.

Supporting you around the office and the globe.

Global Rescue’s world-class consulting services help organizations create emergency action plans and protocols for opening new locations, reviewing policies and employee training. Additionally, our staffing services provide expert medical and security personnel to fill the critical needs of organizations at home and abroad.

“Global Rescue really does care about our planning. They are as vested in the process as we are, and that is incredibly important when it comes to trust.”

Marne Smith, Director of HSSE


When business requires your team to travel the world, it’s important to prepare your organization and staff for the risks involved. Global Rescue’s comprehensive consulting services provides you with the proactive travel risk management consultations and area assessments you need to keep your people as safe as possible. And we help you develop a plan for responding to a crisis. These consultations are led by our medical and security specialists, with additional support from our dedicated travel and destination intelligence teams.


    • Situational briefings and background assessments for more than 215 countries and principalities
    • Evaluation of your current Emergency Action Plans - and recommendations on how to use existing resources to better ensure the safety and well-being of your people
    • Creative solutions to offset the financial risk of response through Global Rescue risk services.
    • Establish enterprise wide risk management protocols and policies


Global Rescue offers world-class staffing options to help your organization handle medical and security needs around the world. In fact, our deployed paramedics and security professionals have supported clients at sites as diverse as the Sochi Olympics, Ukrainian peacekeeping operations and Nigerian infrastructure projects.

    • Both long and short term staffing options
    • On-site and remote staffing support
    • Experience in volatile, austere and remote locations around the world
    • Customizable options to address any mix of medical and security needs
    • Integrated management staff to support an organization’s travel risk and crisis management program


Those who can choose anyone choose us. Selected clients include:


How does Global Rescue support pre-travel education and training for our travelers?

Global Rescue’s in-house medical and security operations specialists provide comprehensive pre-trip travel training sessions and education sessions to our clients around the world. We routinely provide traveler and manager-level education programs for our clients in a variety of online and classroom formats. Education topics include general travel safety, travel in high-threat environments, basic and advanced first aid, and other in-depth medical and security training.

In addition to the pre-travel education sessions, Global Rescue proactively supports our clients through our risk management consulting capabilities. We provide emergency action planning, emergency operations center support, scenario analysis and table-top exercises, live training, and rehearsals. All of Global Rescue’s Enterprise Risk Management consulting engagements are created and implemented by our in-house medical, security, and global intelligence personnel, ensuring the highest quality outcome.

Global Rescue provides both short- and long-term customizable staffing solutions to support any organizations concerns both at home and abroad. We have provided staffing support for clients in conflict torn regions, remote island locations, and other work sites around the world.