COVID-19 has shut down much of the travel industry. Our travel risk management solutions are helping get things restarted.

Led by our in-house teams of medical, security and intelligence experts, we work with organizations of all sizes to implement integrated travel risk and crisis management solutions.


Customized Solutions From Planning To Response


Evolve existing protocols or implement new procedures for effective response

  • Online safety protocol training modules
  • Emergency action planning, training and itinerary support


Provide COVID-19-specific destination reports, track and retain traveler history and test results

  • Secure collection, storage and screening of traveler health
  • Destination reports with COVID-19-specific information, including risk assessments and restrictions


Know where your travelers are to communicate unexpected risks and facilitate testing

  • Traveler tracking and communication
  • Real-time intelligence alerts and assistance
  • COVID-19 screening and treatment


Access doctors in real-time for virtual visits, manage quarantines and traveler transport

  • Emergency medical and security assistance
  • Medical and security advisory and evacuation
  • Worldwide field rescue from point of injury or illness
  • Global telehealth access
  • COVID-19 case management services

Journey Management In One Place

The Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery System (GRIDSM) is a proprietary system designed to manage every aspect of the traveler journey and provide real-time situational awareness to all stakeholders. GRID data can be shared with industry stakeholders, relevant levels of local, state or federal governments and other required organizations.

Management of traveler medical needs through our TotalCareSM virtual health system

  • Screening, testing and triage for all travelers before, during and after their journey, as needed
  • Monitoring and management of all travelers and logistics until travelers are home
  • Management of traveler medical needs through our TotalCareSM virtual health system

Prepared and Informed
Travel advisories and destination reports keep your travelers prepared and informed, while real-time event alerts keep you aware of worldwide health and safety threats to your travelers.

Secure Data
Store traveler contact information, travel history and testing results.

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