About Global Rescue

For over a decade, Global Rescue has provided individuals, families, enterprises, and governments with the medical and security intelligence they need to allow them to effectively respond to crises around the globe. Since Global Rescue was founded in 2004, it has grown to become a recognized leader in travel risk and crisis management & response services. GRID is the only system that combines medical, security, intelligence and communication services into a single platform.

Home Screen

This is the screen you will find yourself in after logging in. You can access your profile by clicking on the three-dots menu in the upper right corner.

You can also access any of the GRID Mobile App’s main features from this screen. These are:


The ‘Emergency’ feature allows you to inform the Global Rescue Operations team that you are in a situation in which you require immediate assistance. To declare that you are in an emergency, press and hold the ‘Emergency’ tab for three seconds. This will immediately alert our team and they will respond accordingly. Please note that the GRID Mobile App will automatically send your current location to Global Rescue as well; the purpose of this is to coordinate an evacuation with the local authorities if needed.

After this step, you have the option to send any extra details regarding your emergency by filling in the provided text box and clicking ‘send’. Any additional information you provide in this optional step may assist Global Rescue in providing you with the exact help you need.

You may view this information in-app at any time by tapping the ‘info’ icon on the right end of the ‘Emergency’ tab.


Global Rescue will send you alerts for events as they occur. Any and all alerts you receive from Global Rescue for events can be viewed by tapping on the ‘Alerts’ tab. You can further tap on any event’s alert to navigate to the details screen of that event (please see the ‘Events’ section below). These details include a summary of the event, an analysis by an expert at Global Rescue, and advice on what you can do to minimize, or outright avoid, the impact of such an event on yourself.

Note that while Global Rescue covers events around the world, you will receive alerts for event severity and locations based on any alert profiles configured for your account.

Check In

The ‘Check-In’ feature allows you share your location with your account’s administrators and Global Rescue. This will create a ‘location history’, allowing you to be traceable during your travels.

To send a check-in, tap on the ‘Check-In’ tab on the Home Screen. The GRID Mobile App will fetch your GPS coordinates and display them on a map in a new screen.

In this screen, you can also enter a message by tapping ‘Optional Message’. This will show you a new screen where you may enter a message containing any details you may feel are relevant. You can also tap one of the preset messages provided to insert them into your message; you may insert these at any point of your message and you may use as many of them as many times as you want!

To cancel message input, tap ‘Back’ in the upper left corner of the screen. To send your location with the entered message, tap the ‘Check-In’ button

The Check-In screen also gives you the option to choose a nearby point of interest, or ‘place’, at which you would like to check-in from. Doing so has the advantage of providing a landmark to make it easier to understand where you may or (or where you intend to be!).

To do so, tap the ‘Nearby’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be presented with a number of options, each having a name and address. Also displayed is how far you currently are from the place. Tapping on any of these places will set that as your current location and pan the map accordingly.

To actually send your location, tap the ‘Check-In’ button on the bottom of the screen. You’ll be navigated back to the home screen with a confirmation message indicating that your location has been sent.



Global Rescue will provide you with the events happening around the world. For any of the events that have been published by experts at Global Rescue, you can view them by tapping the events card. After tapping the event you can navigate to the list of events as shown below.

You can filter the list of events according to event severity, category and country. By tapping the funnel shape icon as shown below.

The following filter screen will be shown.

Suppose you enter Country ‘Bangladesh’ with Event severity as ‘Extreme’ and Category as ‘Infrastructure’ then following screen will be shown.

After clicking on the ‘Apply’ button you will see the event according to the applied filter as shown below.

After clicking on any event from the list of events. This will show you details of an event which includes summary of an event, Analysis and Advice of an event. You will see event severity, category and location of an event as well.

Tab on ‘Analysis’ to see analysis of an Event as shown below.

Tab on the ‘Advice’ to view advice of an event as shown below.

Tab on info icon to view what each event severity and category means.

After tapping the info icon the following screen will be shown.

Tab on ‘Categories’ to view Event category of an event as shown below.

Destination Reports

A ‘Destination Report’ is a comprehensive profile of a selected country. The report is summarized with an ‘Overall Risk Rating’, which lets you know at a glance how dangerous travel to any particular destination may be. There are four levels of risk: Low, Moderate, High, and Extreme, with Low being the safest and Extreme being the most dangerous.

Please ensure that you go through the entire destination report of any country before traveling to it. It has been crafted by Global Rescue’s expert to ensure your travel and stay goes as smoothly as possible. There is no such thing as being overprepared.

The Overall Risk Rating is assigned on the basis of a variety of factors; these details may be examined in the various sections of the Destination Report. Each of these sections will be displayed in a new screen, from which you may return to the Destination Report by clicking ‘Back’ in the upper left corner of the screen. For an explanation of these different ratings, tap on the blue question mark to the right of the ‘Overall Risk Rating’ heading.

‘Events’ will show you any active events that are happening, or will happen, in the country. Please see the ‘Events’ section for more details.

‘Risk Overview’ presents you with more details regarding the ‘Overall Risk Rating’ assigned to the country.

‘General Overview’ will tell you more about the country itself; its history, geography, spoken languages, and so on.

‘Security Assessment’ contains a detailed breakthrough of potential security issues that may need to be factored in any travel, such as terrorism, civil unrest, crime rate, and so on. This section ends with advice composed by Global Rescue’s experts to help you stay safe during your stay.

‘Health Assessment’ contains a detailed breakthrough of potential health risks that may be faced upon travel to the country. A list of immunizations is provided: those required for entry as well as those recommended based on prevalent diseases. Following these guidelines will help avoid any potential medical emergencies. This section does, however, describe the level of medical facilities and services available so you can prepare accordingly.

‘Destination Details’ includes miscellaneous useful information including, but not limited to, accepted currencies, time zone, banking hours, holidays, voltage information, and airports in the country.

‘Entry and Exit Requirements’ include valuable information about passport/visa validity and acceptability. Import and export restrictions are also mentioned, which should be read thoroughly to avoid unnecessary problems with the local authorities.

‘Important Numbers’ contains the contact numbers of emergency services in the country, as well as those of various important locations/services for travelers such as embassies or other diplomatic missions.

Contact Global Rescue

‘Contact Global Rescue’ allows you to get in touch with a member of the Global Rescue team with any query or comment that you may have. Sending a message is as easy as entering a message into the input field and tapping ‘Send’.

A swift chat response is guaranteed, but in case you feel that you need to talk over call, Global Rescue has two phone numbers on which you can call at any time depending on whether you are calling from inside the US or outside. Tapping on the respective ‘Call’ button will open your device’s default ‘Phone’ app with the number already input.