Free Destination Report

A travel emergency isn’t the time to discover your travel insurance isn’t what you thought.

Medical evacuation coverage is not just another name for travel insurance.



Why are we better than travel insurance?

Because we’re not travel insurance.





What’s the difference?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from financial loss. Medical evacuation services are designed to prevent physical loss.


Evacuation from the point of your illness or injury.

Some providers require their members to be admitted to the hospital and under a doctor’s care before activating an evacuation.

The right hospital, not the closest.

We have the ability to transport our members back to their home hospital of choice. Global Rescue’s in-house staff can travel to your bedside to help oversee your care and coordinate your evacuation.

Call Global Rescue, not a hotline.

You wouldn’t call your health insurance provider in a medical emergency, just like you wouldn’t call your travel insurance company in a travel emergency. Speak to a real person at Global Rescue on the first call.

Travel Prepared.

Destination reports for 215 countries and principalities worldwide include entry requirements, detailed security assessments and required immunizations. Keep up to date on health and security events worldwide with real-time alerts and recommendations.



The benefits of membership:


  • Medical and security evacuation services at no additional cost to you
  • Emergency assistance 24/7/365
  • Medical and security advisory services
  • Detailed destination reports and real-time event alerts
  • My Global Rescue App



The Global Rescue Mobile App is designed for operation on the current versions of Android and iOS operating systems. Availability of services is subject to your equipment compatibility, connectivity and signal in your location. There is no guarantee that all features and functionality will be available in your location Use and availability of the Mobile App is subject to your service provider’s plan and may be subject to additional fees from your provider.