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End-to-end COVID-19 planning, testing, monitoring and response


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Expert Support

Our in-house experts can help you develop, improve or evolve your protocols with integrated screening, testing and risk mitigation strategies designed to defeat the threat of COVID-19.


Screening & Testing

We have ready access to the most advanced testing capabilities that are fast, scalable, minimally invasive, high sensitivity and specificity and cost effective.


Data Management

Secure tracking, data collection and monitoring through the Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery System (GRID), our proprietary journey management platform.

  • Upload test results and relevant questionnaires
  • Design custom surveys or browse existing templates created by our expert personnel
  • Integrate reporting into your existing system
  • Analyze downloadable reports to support decision making from sample to insight


On-Site Staffing

Our trained experts can coordinate with your staff to conduct testing, screening, triage and response from the point of care.


Response Protocol

COVID-19 case management solutions customizable to the needs of your organization.

  • Triage and disposition facilities with medical and security personnel and equipment
  • Management of all ground and air medical evacuation, quarantine and treatment for COVID-19 positive individuals
  • Coordination of hospital admissions
  • Management of all ground and aviation transportation for passengers from point-of-location to quarantine locations, hospital/isolation facilities or travel home
  • Accommodations arrangement for individuals requiring quarantine or isolation for minor symptoms
  • Global telehealth access to a team of board-certified physicians for real-time video consultations and treatment


Point of Care Testing for COVID-19

Scalable, fast, accurate and cost effective

Featured Test

The Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) test is a single-tube technique that amplifies RNA quickly, with high specificity and efficiency.


Why Point of Care Testing?

  • Point of care testing can be conducted on site

  • No need for laboratory transport or specialty staff

  • Most results delivered in about 40 minutes

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