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Is Your Travel Protection Plan Really the Right One?

Important questions to raise and comparative tools to make sure that, when your trip goes from “Oh wow!” to “Oh no...,” your emergency travel rescue and medical evacuation provider will deliver.




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“Other climbers used other companies and had huge issues. I wouldn’t travel without a Global Rescue membership ever again.”

—Ben Darlington of Australia and a Global Rescue member since 2016


When it comes to a truly comprehensive travel protection membership, Global Rescue checks all the boxes where many of our competitors do not. Just click to compare.

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Most do not

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Must be 100-300+ miles from home

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Exclusive partnership with Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations

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Most do not

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Must be 100+ miles from home

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“When I was calling Global Rescue for the first time, it really impressed me that I was talking to somebody who actually knew something. At most companies, the person you talk to doesn’t know what they need to know, and you have to keep going further to get the real help you need.”

—David Helland of Iowa and Global Rescue member since 2018



What is field rescue,  and do I need it?  

Most providers won’t rescue you from the point of injury or illness, including for COVID-19. You have to get yourself to the hospital first before their services kick in. That means if you are injured or ill and need rescue and transport to get to a medical facility in the first place, they can’t help you. While some travel insurance policies will reimburse you for rescue transport (after you submit a claim, of course), it’s still on you to figure out how to get out of trouble on your own.

Global Rescue pioneered worldwide field rescue. That means we will come get you by any means necessary — including using helicopters, jets, 4X4 vehicles, rescue teams on foot and more — and bring you to the nearest hospital capable of delivering the needed level of medical care. With us, you’re never stuck or left on your own to figure out how to get to the hospital. When you contact us and tell us where you are, we will move heaven and earth to get you out.

If you’ve been hospitalized away from home, but need continued treatment or hospitalization in your home country, you may have to pay for that air and ground transportation out of pocket. Assistance providers and other traditional travel medical insurance usually only evacuate to the nearest medical facility, where you would remain until you are deemed well enough to fly via commercial airline. 


A Global Rescue membership includes medical transport back to your home or your home hospital of choice. No charge if you’re a member. Without it, medical evacuation can cost as much as $300,000, depending on where you are in the world and the distance you need to be transported.

It would be a hard lesson to learn that the provider won’t deliver on their services because you were partaking in an activity you didn’t realize was on their restricted list, like rock climbing, scuba diving or backcountry skiing.  

Most assistance and travel insurance providers refuse services if your injury or illness was caused by the above examples, as well as mountaineering, trekking, skydiving, spelunking, diving, parachuting, BASE jumping, ballooning, hang gliding, paragliding, skiing outside of a resort and beyond. 


Global Rescue membership has no activity restrictions. At all.  

Nearly all providers require members to be a certain distance away from home, usually at least 100 miles or more, to qualify for medical evacuation services.


Global Rescue memberships have no distance-from-home mileage requirements. Traveling locally or far away, our rescue services always go with you. Global Rescue memberships, both travel and telehealth, have no distance-from-home mileage requirements. Traveling locally or far away, our services always go with you.

Travelers are rightly concerned whether their medical evacuation protection plan will provide services if they are infected with COVID-19 — particularly related to medical evacuation. That’s because when the pandemic struck, many providers suspended their services for months. Some are still suspended in many countries, and multiple providers will not render services for any request for medical transportation caused by or resulting from COVID-19.     


Global Rescue is different: We have, and will continue, to provide COVID-19 assistance to our members because we don’t make any distinction between COVID-19 and other diseases with respect to our services. This includes field rescue and medical evacuation of COVID-19 infected members, locating COVID-19 test facilities and advisory services regarding fluctuating border closures with our award-winning GRIDSM.  Additional medical coverage is also available.

Some providers prohibit memberships based on where you live.


Whether your home residence is in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, The Middle East, South America or anywhere else, a Global Rescue membership never discriminates based on where in the world travelers live.    

Many providers’ evacuation services are medical-specific and do not apply to a security situation.


Global Rescue’s membership security upgrade provides advisory and evacuation services for non-medical emergencies, like a government evacuation order, an unpredicted natural disaster, civil unrest or an act of terrorism. If you cannot evacuate on your own and are facing an imminent risk of bodily harm, Global Rescue will extract and transport you home. And like our medical membership, all evacuation costs are included with the price of the upgrade.

As consumers sought ways to safely access healthcare during the pandemic, telehealth usage surged and is expected to continue given its convenience. Unlike other providers, Global Rescue offers TotalCareSM, a membership upgrade providing immediate access to a team of medical experts for real-time video consultations and treatment.


Like our rescue services, there are no distance-from-home mileage requirements to utilize TotalCareSM. You can be within your home residence, on the road or traveling abroad. Additional benefits include continuity of care (you always speak with an Elite Medical Group physician who is part of the same care team), immediate care anywhere in the world at any time, consults that cost less than most copays and ER visits, among others.

Some providers aren’t as inclusive with the definition of family members for a family plan. Many family memberships only recognize a “spouse” (and not a partner). They limit the number of children, have lower age limits for those children and insist they be in college.  


A Global Rescue family membership does not require marriage — cohabitation is sufficient. As for your dependents, you may add up to six of them (other providers only protect up to 5 unmarried dependent children) up to the age of 26 (other providers only go up to the age of 23 and require they be in college; Global Rescue does not).  

Some providers outsource their medical staff and intelligence services, as well as bedside personnel and medical travel escorts.


At Global Rescue, our experienced medical, security, and intel staff are in-house, always on standby and fully deployable, meaning we can arrange to have our doctors, nurses and paramedics sent to your bedside to facilitate/oversee your care while abroad, as well as travel with you. We also have exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group and Partners HealthCare, the Harvard Medical School affiliate, as well as 200+ medical centers of excellence that are pre-vetted by our staff to deliver specialized care in specific situations. Should our clients experience a security emergency, our security team staffed with special operations veterans, including U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Army Rangers, Green Berets, Air Force Pararescue and Marines, are standing by to advise and assist you as needed.


“I’ve looked into other providers in between my various travel adventures. Even when the price was comparable [to a Global Rescue membership], the plans just were never as well-rounded as what you get when you go with Global Rescue.”

—Brandon Lillard of California and Global Rescue member since 2014

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Angie and her husband were taking a walk after dinner while on safari in Zimbabwe when they heard a noise. In a matter of moments, a Cape buffalo emerged from the bush and attacked Angie.

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Since 2006, U.S. Ski & Snowboard has partnered with Global Rescue to provide critical emergency services to USSA’s elite athletes and their families.

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After a competing provider failed to come to the aid of a group of Middlebury College students who were stranded in Egypt at the start of the Arab Spring, Global Rescue stepped in to do what the original provider could not.