Global Rescue and Hunter's Consultants
Global Rescue and Hunting Consultants Unlimited
Global Rescue Member Services

- Medical consultations in English by world-class physicians at Johns Hopkins

- Deployable medical, security and search and rescue teams

- Evacuation to Member's domestic hospital of choice

- Transport by helicopter, private medically equipped jet, turboprop, commercial aircraft, and ground ambulance

- Access to real time city and country political, medical, and natural disaster alerts

- Emergency message relay to family members

- Local physician locator services

- Telephonic interpretation

- Visa and passport services

- Local legal referrals

- Transport of mortal remains

- Security evacuations (additional cost)

- Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

When you go hunting with Hunting Consultants Unlimited, you travel to some of the most thrilling, yet dangerous, places in the world. HCU recommends Global Rescue to provide critical emergency medical services to their hunters so they can have peace of mind while pursuing big game. Aeromedical transports can cost more than $100,000 and are rarely covered by insurance. If an injury or illness occurs 100 miles or more from home, Global Rescue will advise and transport you to the hospital of your choice - free of charge. Our exclusive relationship with physicians at Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the finest medical institutions in the world, ensures the highest quality care for our Members. Global Rescue's military-trained special forces medics, physicians, and search and rescue operators perform rescue missions worldwide. Next time you go hunting with Hunting Consultants Unlimited, we strongly recommend that you protect your health and safety with a Global Rescue Membership.

Short-Term Memberships | Starting at $119/wk
Student Memberships | Starting at $259/yr
Individual Memberships | Starting at $329/yr
Family Memberships | Starting at $579/yr
Corporate Memberships | Prices Vary

Protect yourself with a Global Rescue Membership today.

To sign up, visit or call 800.381.9754 or 617.459.4200.
Hunting Consultants Unlimited clients: Input or mention CDC Code hcu14992 at signup.

"With Boots-on-the-ground rescue capability that is as sophisticated as that provided by the U.S. Department of Defense when a pilot goes down, Global Rescue closes the final link in providing medical evacuation service. They are the new gold standard by which all other services will be judged."

- Don Causey, President / Publisher, The Hunting / Angling Report

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Global Rescue is the Official Provider
of aeromedical services to the U.S.
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