Everyone’s got a hunting story.  We want to hear yours.  Not about the time you saw a 6x6 muley and missed the shot or the time an elephant with 80-plus pound tusks gave you the slip.

We want to know if you’ve ever run into a buffalo. Literally.

Or if you’ve ever gotten so sick while out in the field that you thought you might not make it back.

What about civil unrest? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a coup, a shooting match between tribes, or a tense situation with organized poaching gangs?

Using the theme “I lived to tell the tale” as a general guideline, write a story describing a time when you really needed Global Rescue. Stories will be reviewed by an expert panel and judged based on authenticity, originality, and the overall need for a GR membership.

Best story wins. Period.

  • Jim Shockey: Professional Hunter & Outfitter
  • Ivan Carter: Professional Hunter & TV host
  • Barbara Crown: Editor & Publisher of The Hunting Report
  • Dan Bayer: Global Rescue Senior Operations Manager & US Navy Seal veteran

1st Place: 1 Year Subscription with email upgrade to The Hunting Report ($103.99), Global Rescue Family Medical + Security Membership ($1,155), story published in The Hunting Report and announced to the hunting community via email and social media.

2nd Place: Global Rescue Individual Medical + Security Membership ($655) and story announced to the hunting community via email and social media.

Stories should be emailed to submissions@globalrescue.com by September 1, 2012 and consist of between 600-1200 words. Please include your name, email, phone number and country of residence.

For more information please download the PDFs in the top left hand corner of this page.

• A PDF detailing the Official Contest Rules

• A PDF of real-life cases where Global Rescue has saved the lives of hunters like you

For additional information please call 1-800-381-9754