3 Gifts for the Discerning Traveler

Tue Nov 20 13:01:00 EST 2018

‘Tis the Season

With the holidays upon us, gift givers are preparing for the shopping season and pulling their wishes together. While TVs, video games and mobile phones top many lists, the gift of experience is what others are seeking to give.  And, there's no better way to do that than through travel.  

Overseas Adventure Travel Creates Lasting Memories

Traveling nudges you out of your comfort zone, often providing a lens into new cultures, history, art, food and language. While the latest iPhone may become outdated before you know it, the memories from overseas or domestic travel often last a lifetime. The skills gained from mastering new challenges may also foster confidence and resiliency.  

More Than Travel Insurance

To make a trip the best it can be, travelers want to be prepared with the right equipment and services.  With that in mind, we've polled some of our most seasoned members to find out what items they wouldn't want to leave home without.

1) Petzl TIKKA Headlamp – Never underestimate the power of light. The Petzl TIKKA Headlamp is practical for traveling and for outdoor activities such as camping or trekking. The 200 lumen brightness really gets you places.

2) GoalZero Flip 30 Power Bank + Nomad 7 Plus Solar KitTravelers can stay powered up for days on the road with this weather-resistant solar panel, paired with a portable recharger that’s easy to take on the go.

3) Global Rescue membershipGlobal Rescue memberships ensure that travelers have access to medical and security assistance and emergency evacuations anytime, anywhere in the world. For example, your appendix bursts during a trip to Cambodia. Who do you call for help? Global Rescue’s life-saving medical advisory services, medical evacuations and security extractions deliver expert help and get you back home safely.

Light, power and life. What more could you wish for this holiday season?


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