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AAA protects you when you’re driving, now extend your peace of mind with Global Rescue’s Beyond The RoadSM

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Experience More Without the Worry

The Beyond The Road membership program supports you in the continental U.S. and Canada whether you’re hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, fishing, simply enjoying the outdoors or traveling. If you need advice while traveling or get sick or injured and you're unable to get to a place of medical treatment on your own, Global Rescue is there for you, near home or far away.

Beyond The Road Includes

  • Emergency field rescue from the point of illness or injury to the nearest appropriate care facility.
  • If you're hospitalized 100+ miles from home and further hospital care is required, we provide medical evacuation to your home hospital of choice.
  • 24/7/365 access to medical advisory services from nurses and paramedics trained to respond to any medical situation.
  • Direct traveler assistance to help with local health care system, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators and real-time event alerts.
  • Telehealth access 24/7/365 for real-time consultations and treatment (additional fees apply).

How Global Rescue Helps


Minor injury or illness 

Snake bite? Twisted ankle? Do you know what to do? Are you sure?

Beyond The Road members can call Global Rescue and get real time access to EMTs, paramedics, and nurses who will help you sort out the dos and don’ts based on your symptoms and circumstances. You’ll have the best information without wasting time, or worse, relying on the hope that you’re doing the right thing.


Seeking travel advice and services 

Brush fires? Flash flood warnings? Local language barrier? Did your prescription medicine run out?

With Beyond The Road membership you’re one call away from real time help from travel experts who will help keep you safe and prepared. Whether it means changing your destination, getting you a translation service, identifying where you can refill your prescription, or something else, with Beyond The Road you only have hope and hope is not a strategy.


Major injury or illness

A broken leg or head injury from a simple stumble? Heat exhaustion or heart attack triggered by severe weather? The unexpected happens.

 Each of these may require immediate medical evacuation. Beyond The Road membership means you’re one call from an on-staff medical and security expert who will assess your circumstance and arrange for your rescue, by helicopter if necessary. Without Beyond The Road protection your rescue could take longer, cost more and make a dangerous situation a lot worse.

"If not for Global Rescue, I would probably still be sitting in the bush and my knee damage would have been beyond repair."

- Chicago's Louis Cairo, reflecting on his horseback riding accident in British Columbia, Canada.

"It's completely worth the price of purchase. You might not need it but for peace of mind it's worth it. And, if you do need it, it works! It's an easy decision - don't even debate it."

- Mary Kelly, needed a rescue after suffering a broken leg during a backpacking trip.

"From start to finish, Global Rescue had me protected - from the helicopter flight out to their paramedics gathering my symptoms to having their doctors review my EKG and test results."

- Ben Debney, a former EMT skiing in British Columbia, Canada.

"I have Global Rescue on speed dial in case of emergency."

- Zach Eiten, an avid outdoorsman who broke his foot in Montana.

Travel Prepared

Beyond The Road provides services and peace of mind when you're exploring in the continental U.S. and Canada. Get a discount on expanding to global services when you're ready.



World renowned author Levison Wood explains how Global Rescue saved him.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this travel insurance?

No. Beyond the Road is not insurance, it is a membership program that provides services for Beyond The Road members, including rescue, medical transport and advisory, at no additional cost to you. See Global Rescue's Beyond The Road Member Services Agreement for details. 

Emergency field rescue and related medical advisory services included as a part of the Beyond the Road membership will provide assistance from the point of illness or injury from anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada when you're unable to get help on your own.

Beyond the Road membership services include medical transport to your home hospital of choice in the continental U.S. or Canada if you're hospitalized as an in-patient 100+ miles from home and require additional hospital care.

No. While Beyond The Road provides a wide variety of emergency services, it also provides services for non-emergency situations such as: 24/7/365 medical advisory services, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators and real-time event alerts.

Yes, for $95 per consultation you have access to real-time video telehealth consultations and world-class medical care via TotalCareSM provided by physicians and Elite Medical Group.

An individual membership is $159 for AAA Members from participating affiliates ($209 for all others). A family membership is $259 for AAA Members from participating affiliates ($309 for all others). 

You can upgrade to a standard worldwide Global Rescue membership at a 5% discount by calling +1.617.210.8171 and speaking to a member services associate.

Anyone can join. Participation is available regardless of AAA Membership status.

This discount is available to members of the Auto Club Group which includes AAA territories of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Nebraska, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and select counties in Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota.

Full program details, applicable terms conditions, limitations and exclusions are available in Global Rescue's Beyond The Road Member Services Agreement. 

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Still have questions? Talk to a member services associate at +1.617.210.8171 or email beyondtheroad@globalrescue.com

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Conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. See Global Rescue's Beyond The Road Member Services Agreement for full details.

†Global Rescue LLC provides technical and administrative services to Elite Medical Group, P.C. (“Elite Medical”), a professional corporation owned by licensed physicians that employs or contracts with physicians licensed to practice medicine where medical services are provided. Elite Medical physicians provide all medical care accessed via the Totalcare telehealth service and all associated fees are established and collected by Elite Medical. Elite Medical reserves the right to deny care for potential or actual misuse of their services.