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More Than Telehealth

With a Global Rescue TotalCare membership, you get immediate access to a team of medical experts for real-time video consultations and treatment – plus all the services of a travel membership.

World renowned medical experts

Take control of your care with access to doctors from Elite Medical Group, the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations and Mass General Brigham, the Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Logos of Global Rescue's medical parters. Elite Medical Group, the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations and Mass General Brigham


No Need To Leave Home

We know you have concerns and we’re ready to help. Whether you have questions about exposure, risk or quarantine, you don’t have to leave your home to get an expert opinion – no matter your condition.

Our in-house operations teams are closely monitoring ongoing COVID-19 developments worldwide. Sign up for daily coronavirus updates to see the latest report.



World-class Elite Medical Group doctors are part of the same practice. This approach ensures continuity of care- you always get an EMG physician, which sets TotalCare apart from other services.


ER visits can cost thousands of dollars. TotalCare memberships are available to everyone and consults often cost less than most copays. An urgent care consult through TotalCare costs $45.


Whether it’s the middle of the night or you’re many miles from home, access is available.


Board-certified doctors are licensed in all 50 states. Doctors have the ability to prescribe and order labs or diagnostic imaging.


Expert advisory from our in-house staff of nurses and critical care trained paramedics, insight from U.S. based doctors and recommendations for the best access to care.


Your privacy is a top priority and we take measures to safeguard your medical information.


Zaiga Sears DO, CPE Associate Medical Director
Gail Fancher, DO Associate Medical Director
Mark Tenerowicz, MD Associate Medical Director
Philip Seidenberg, MD Associate Medical Director
Eric Johnson, MD Associate Medical Director
David W. Ashley, MD, MBA Associate Medical Director
Will Northington, MD Director, Operations
Claudia Zegans, MD Medical Director
Arnold S. Seid, MD Vice President and Medical Director



Other Telemedicine Providers

Same day appointments
Same day appointments
Board-certified doctors
Board-certified doctors
Continuity of Care
Continuity of Care
Johns Hopkins
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Travel Services
Travel Services


Who is the membership for?
Do you have international travel plans in the next 12 months?
How many urgent care consults would you like?

Note: Additional consults cost $45

Suggested TotalCare Membership




Urgent Consults

Travel Days

Medical Device

Security Extraction

High Altitude Evacuation

Additional urgent care consults cost $45


1 Request a consultation

Access doctors 24/7, available through the My Global Rescue app, on the phone or on the web.

2 Consult a doctor

Once your medical history and symptoms have been obtained, you will be placed into a live video conference with a board certified, licensed doctor.

3 Receive a treatment plan

If a prescription is needed, it will be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice. Doctors can order lab work or diagnostic imaging if needed.


“You need TotalCare. Global Rescue helps relieve the stress you have of being sick. You get the care you need quickly. You get the medication you need quickly and you get the attention you need. “


TotalCare Member

“The video doctor was very helpful in our situation. She was able to identify my son’s skin condition and prescribe a cream for him to use. She even checked on us later.”


TotalCare Member

“We live off grid, in a site that is only accessible by boat or air. We signed up for TotalCare to have peace of mind knowing that the services is available.”


TotalCare Member

“TotalCare was great because I did not have to wait for an appointment.”

TotalCare Member


Use an urgent care consult for whatever you want and receive trusted medical advice wherever you are.

Examples of what we can help with and treat

  • Sinus, cold and flu
  • Skin conditions
  • Eye and ear infections
  • Bladder and urinary tract infections
  • Headaches
  • Gout
  • Mouth and oral conditions
  • Yeast infections
  • Minor orthopedic injuries


Dealing with a difficult diagnosis? For remote second opinions, doctors at EMG and Partners HealthCare will facilitate full case coordination, including secure transfer of medical information, expert communication and follow up.

Move forward with confidence, avoid risky procedures and save money on costly treatments or surgery.

If I’m traveling, will Global Rescue fly me home on a private plane if I get sick?

If you require hospitalization and wish to go home, Global Rescue will transport you there by the medically indicated form of transport. Global Rescue will determine the mode of transport, taking into account member safety, treatment and comfort concerns.

Will Global Rescue reimburse me for medical expenses or the cost of my vacation?

Global Rescue is not an insurance company and thus cannot reimburse members for either the cost of treatment arranged by the member or the member’s trip costs. Members who have purchased Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance will be covered for their medical expenses up to $100,000.

If I have signed up for Security Services, will Global Rescue evacuate me from an active war zone?

If the situation in a country deteriorates to the point where an official declaration is made or it is clear that the member will suffer imminent grievous bodily harm, Global Rescue will deploy and rescue the member, bringing them to the nearest safe location prior to evacuating them back to their home country.

Do I have to be an American citizen to join Global Rescue?

Global Rescue membership is available to anyone, regardless of their country of citizenship. Global Rescue will transport and evacuate our members to their choice of hospital in their home country. All prices quoted for memberships are listed in U.S. dollars (USD).

If I’m hospitalized and want to be transported to Johns Hopkins Medicine to receive treatment, will Global Rescue transfer me to a Johns Hopkins Medicine facility?

Global Rescue will transport our members to the domestic hospital of their choice, whether they choose Johns Hopkins Medicine or another healthcare facility. Global Rescue cannot guarantee that there will be space available to admit the member, however. We will do our best to accommodate our member’s preferences and work with the receiving hospital to both gain admittance for our member and manage all of the logistics of the transfer.

Can Global Rescue send and receive data files, faxes, packages, etc?

Global Rescue is equipped to both send and receive information to and from our members in a variety of forms. Our operations centers are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and sufficient bandwidth to send, receive and work with data intensive transmissions. Additionally, Global Rescue has relationships with worldwide couriers who can often provide physical delivery of critical documents and test results on a more rapid and geographically diverse basis than commercially available means. Shipping charges not related to a transfer or performed for our members’ convenience will be the responsibility of the member. All transmissions regarding cases that result in a transfer are included in the price of membership.

When can i activate the Field Rescue service?

Global Rescue provides Field Rescue services to members anytime they become injured or ill in a location where serious permanent injury or death could result. For example, Global Rescue regularly provides Field Rescue services to members in the backcountry suffering from altitude sickness and orthopedic injuries, including sprains and broken bones. Please refer to our Member Services Agreement for more detail.


  • Field Rescue services provide transport to the nearest facility if the member’s condition is likely to cause serious permanent injury or death if they are unable to get to a hospital
  • Evacuation to home hospital of choice for members hospitalized or in need of hospitalization more than 100 miles from home
  • Country where patient is hospitalized must be able to safely accommodate Global Rescue aircraft, ground or sea transport
  • If the member is able to safely fly commercially with or without a medical escort, Global Rescue will make necessary arrangements for this alternative
  • All services must be arranged and provided by Global Rescue
  • Individual members are limited to two (2) transports per year
  • Family membership transports are limited to (1) transport each for a common accident or two (2) transports in aggregate
  • Members who become ill on cruise ships must disembark at an accessible medical facility or port

Transport Exclusions

  • Members with certain infectious diseases
  • Women beyond their second trimester of pregnancy
  • Psychiatric maladies
  • Members traveling expressly for medical purposes
  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries
  • Members engaged in armed conflict
  • Conditions relating to intentional overdoses of a controlled substance
  • Conditions relating to ingesting a banned substance
  • Conditions relating to previously diagnosed organ transplant or infectious disease


For more information, please see our Member Services Agreement

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