After an accident in Burundi, Global Rescue medical consultation helps missionary nurse recover locally

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May 30, 2014

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Casey Conaway at the source of the Nile in Burundi

Global Rescue member Casey Conaway recently wrote to thank the Global Rescue team after a close call in Burundi, Africa.  When a car accident caused several injuries, Casey turned to Global Rescue as her primary source of medical consultation.

Casey wrote:

“I am a missionary nurse in Burundi, a small country in East Central Africa. As one of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi is completely void of modern healthcare.  What is available could be described as primitive and limited.  Very basic healthcare at best is available in the capital city of Bujumbura. 

“On April 17, 2013, I was traveling with my teammates in a Land Cruiser in a remote part of the country.  We hydroplaned on a wet road and slammed into a concrete pillar and many tree stumps.  I was thrown from the back seat to the front seat. (Seat belts in back seats are not required here by law and many vehicles do not even have them).  I hit my head on the roof of the cabin, rammed my belly into the front seat bench, and somehow hurt my elbow.  My friends arranged careful transport to the capital city where I saw a doctor and got an X-ray of my arm, an ultrasound of my belly, and the diagnosis of a concussion. 

“A few days passed and I wasn’t sure that my arm was not broken, as reported by the local doctor.  I phoned Global Rescue for a consultation.   Because cell phone and internet signals can be problematic here, Global Rescue was patient with me and very helpful in securing a line of communication.  My call was received by a well-trained critical care professional who assessed my situation and injuries and provided some calm and reassurance.  The Global Rescue team decided that my X-rays needed to be emailed to them, and advised me on the technical how-tos for emailing a clear picture. I was told to expect a reply in 24 hours, and that was indeed the case.  My reply was in my inbox by morning.  My accident did not require medical evacuation, however, Global Rescue followed my recovery and provided stand-by assistance.  My regret in working with Global Rescue was that I did not utilize their services earlier. (I phoned three days after my accident). 

“Global Rescue should not be thought of as only an evacuation option, but also as an organization that can help you stay in the field and recover with resources available locally.  I would describe my experience with Global Rescue as professional, practical, and peaceful.  An accident in the developing world can be traumatic on a whole different level.  Global Rescue understands this and knows how to help.”


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