Advancing technology brings travelers closer to inner, outer space and mixed reality.

Lebanon, N.H. April 27, 2022 – The future of travel will include distinct destinations, including space travel, undersea expeditions and virtual reality trips, according to travel risk expert Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. National Travel and Tourism Week (May 1-7) commemorates travel history and projects the future of travel – more important than ever as travelers worldwide emerge from the worst of a pandemic that effectively eliminated travel abroad.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are opportunities that could supplement physical travel.

“The argument goes that the material world may lose its allure as virtual reality technology advances. In the movie, The Matrix, reality is defined simply as electrical signals interpreted by your brain. I disagree. Virtual reality and its derivatives are ‘pseudo travel’ and, ultimately, we’re going to want to go see the places we’ve visited virtually. Humans are born to travel, explore and experience and no computer-generated experience will ever replace it,” Richards said.

There are fewer places to explore on Earth’s surface.

“Undersea and the cosmos are the next long-term destination priorities,” Richards said.

Based on advances in technology, it appears the human race is destined to explore inner and outer space. The International Space Station and Biosphere 2 Ocean are programs designed to explore and understand those environments. Space tourism is already available, although at present a 90-minute tour costs nearly half a million dollars per person for a few minutes of weightlessness.

“It’s only a matter of time before opportunity increases, excursions mature, and costs decrease for space travel. The tide of undersea tourism is rising, too,” Richards said.

The world’s first underwater hotel opened in 2018, the world’s largest underwater restaurant cut the ribbon a year later, and underwater art galleries are spreading like Ngaro Underwater Sculpture Trail in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands – each brings marine tourism to greater depths.

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