The Boston Herald’s ORyan Johnson describes Global Rescue’s security evacuations in his article, “Help’s on the way in Egypt.”

As the U.S. Embassy in Cairo urged Americans to get out of Egypt amid its ongoing chaotic and violent political upheaval, Boston-based Global Rescue has teams of ex-military security officers and paramedics coordinating a latter-day exodus, shepherding hundreds of U.S. corporate clients out of the country.

Global Rescue CEO Daniel Richards said over the next three days his company has orders to safely remove 200 to 300 people from the unstable cities and return them home.

“We deploy our personnel to the area, we collect them at a rally point and we organize transportation from the rally point to a safe location combining air, sea and land assets to affect the evacuation and extraction,” Richards said. “Our personnel on the ground are led by former special ops personnel who are very familiar with operating in difficult and potentially dangerous environments.”

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