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Q: How do I know which membership plan is going to work for me? Do I need a 365 day plan to be covered all year?

A: The price of an annual membership is determined by the duration of a single trip abroad. For example if you purchase the “up to 45 days per trip” annual membership, then the duration of any one trip cannot exceed 45 days.  However, you may take as many trips as you like during the year that are less than 45 days in duration.  If your travel will exceed 45 days, there are additional membership plans available.  Or if you are going on a short trip, memberships are available for as short as 7, 14, or 30 days.

Q: How do I contact Global Rescue in an emergency abroad?

A: In case of emergency, members should contact our Operations Centers at +1-617-459-4200, or email operations@globalrescue.com.

Global Rescue strongly recommends two-way communication capabilities in order to successfully perform an evacuation. We always recommend traveling to remote locations with a satellite phone and extra batteries. Not only do satellite phones enable two-way communication, but we can often track the member’s coordinates through his or her phone.

Q:  Do I need to submit an itinerary or my medical history before I travel?

A:  Submitting your travel plans to Global Rescue is not required; however, in the event of an emergency, it can be very helpful if you send them to us prior to travel.