Tour operators, like FlashpackerConnect Adventure Travel, know people are ready to hit the road again. They are responding to the travel ban by recognizing the opportunity to put changes, precautions and protocols in place for travel in a world impacted by coronavirus.

What makes a great trip today isn’t distance, although travelers will be maintaining the six-foot social distancing recommendation no matter where they are in the world. In fact, most trips this fall will probably take place closer to home according to a recent survey by Global Rescue.

“Short-term travelers will likely focus on travel domestically, so there might be a temporary shift in that direction,” said Brandon Morris, owner and founder. “My company has been working diligently during this down time to create one-of-a-kind domestic adventures that can be found closer to home, such as U.S.A.-based trips in the national park regions.”

It’s not to say travelers won’t be looking for a getaway to a remote location. Some of FlashpackerConnect’s most popular trips in the past will still be in high demand: a five-day Peru itinerary that includes Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain and a five-day trek in Patagonia along trails reaching glaciers, lakes and forests.

In addition to an increase in domestic travel, Morris predicts there will be four features travelers will look for when selecting their first trip of 2020.

Off-the-beaten Track

Off-the-beaten-track adventures are naturally social distancing. Throughout the coronavirus epidemic, people have been hiking and walking in areas where they are not likely to see other trekkers, or where they can easily maintain a safe six-foot distance. The same will be true for future travel.

Small Group Experiences

FlashpackerConnect caters to small group experiences. Not only does this allow clients to have the full attention of guides and staff throughout their trip, but it also makes it easier to focus on health and safety.

“We are fully able to customize the way we build out trips,” Morris said.

Trip Curation

If people are going to travel in this new coronavirus world, they are going to want the best adventure possible. Travelers will be looking for trip curation based on customer needs and interests. For example, the FlashpackerConnect team speaks extensively with clients to develop the perfect trip with careful consideration of every aspect of the trip from the level of activity to accommodations preferences.

Nature Travel

FlashpackerConnect’s hand-picked destinations offer some of the best nature in the world. The company understands how nature impacts the world and it wants to help others see the beauty and appreciate it.

“Taking a step away from the busyness of one’s life in the city and truly immersing themselves in nature will allow travelers to open their mind and body to a new sense of life,” Morris said. “They will undoubtedly go home as a new person.”

The Joy of Travel

What won’t change is the joy of travel. It’s human nature to explore, learn, grow and change. Although the world is more dangerous with coronavirus lurking around every corner, travelers are looking forward to traveling the globe once more.

“We have many travelers come back from an experience with us and say it was life changing in so many ways. This is what makes this job so rewarding. Knowing that you have developed and designed a trip for a client that has had such an impactful and life changing aspect to it makes all of the hard work worth it,” Morris said. “We can’t wait to get back to it.”

Brandon and LeAnn Morris started FlashpackerConnect Adventure Travel in 2015, when they led the first trekking operation to the Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Since then, the company has expanded operations globally, keeping clients safe as a Global Rescue Safe Travel partner. Learn more about Global Rescue’s Safe Travel Partner program here.