Global Rescue continues to be actively engaged with clients who remain in Egypt. We evacuated 60 members in July, but some chose to remain in the country. We continue to consult with them to be sure they make the best decisions for their safety, which includes sheltering in place and making preparations to evacuate if necessary.

For anyone who currently is in Egypt, please heed this advice:

  • Avoid all but essential movement and remain in secure accommodation.
  • If movement is necessary, travel during daylight hours only, using stringent journey-planning procedures, and confirm that routes are clear prior to departure.
  • Ensure that you maintain communications with family, friends and business colleagues via phone, text AND email daily to ensure that they know you are safe. Since one mode of communication may be unavailable, don’t rely on just one.
  • Organize your belongings. Gather all critical documents, passports, visas, and all currency (local, domestic and credit cards) and be sure they are readily accessible if you need to leave quickly.
  • Continuously monitor events. Keep yourself informed and talk to people. Be aware of what is happening around you and continually check on the status of the nearest airport.

Anyone who is aware of members in an area in need of assistance is encouraged to contact the Global Rescue Operations Center at +1 617-459-4200 and