For the last 15 years, travelers throughout the world have continued to seek out authentic experiences, fueled by a curiosity to find new ways to see the world.

Organizations, including businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and faith-based organizations are also sending their personnel farther from home than ever before. From natural disasters to illness and injury, unexpected but statistically predictable events can quickly turn a business trip or a memorable adventure into a nightmare.

Fortunately, Global Rescue has given more than a million members the confidence and peace of mind to travel boldly, knowing they have a dependable way to get themselves and their families to safety when emergencies happen. 

“When I founded Global Rescue in 2004, I wanted to give organizations, their employees and leisure travelers experiencing medical or security emergencies a better way to get help,” founder and CEO Dan Richards said.

That vision came to life in an office on Boston’s Milk Street in the form of a company whose members could connect directly to deployable operations staff including U.S. special forces veterans.

Organizations could be assisted in minimizing their risk of duty of care liability and members could be evacuated to safety and hospital centers of excellence rather than figuring out how to get themselves out of danger. “A better way to get help” also meant helping members build a thorough understanding of what risks they could anticipate during their travels or avoiding crisis situations before they happen.

Since those days, Global Rescue has expanded to more than 250 personnel spread across five operations centers in five countries. Most importantly, we have conducted more than 20,000 operations worldwide, including evacuations during Hezbollah’s war with Israel, the Arab Spring, the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal and more recently, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“If you think it can’t happen, you’re wrong – and if it does happen, you want [Global Rescue] to be there for you,” Global Rescue member John Searles said after being evacuated from the Highlands of Ethiopia after suffering a stroke.

Global Rescue has exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Partners HealthCare and Elite Medical Group.

We are proud to provide services and partner with prominent organizations such as National Geographic, NASA, U.S. Ski and Snowboard and the American Alpine Club to name a few. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include emergency action planning, security assessments, telemedicine, mobile and web applications and more.

Throughout all of these expansions and phases of growth, Global Rescue has remained true to its core mission of saving lives and giving members the confidence to travel boldly. Global Rescue is celebrating this “spirit of adventure” through photography.

During the summer, we hosted our annual photo contest to showcase the places you travel, the sights you’ve seen and the adventures you undertake. After receiving more than 100 entries, our panel of judges selected the winners. 

Click here to view the winning submissions. 

Global Rescue thanks all participants who submitted their photos in celebration of 15 years of saving lives and the spirit of adventure.