Climbers and trekkers continue to share their positive experiences with Global Rescue. Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of rescues in the world’s remote places. Nowhere have our services been used more frequently than in the Himalaya.  The country of Nepal, in particular, has averaged over 20 rescues per year for the last several years and many of these rescues have included high altitude evacuations from Everest itself. Looking back through the years, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights. Our ability to perform a field rescue continues to be unique in the industry and we couldn’t be more pleased that our services allow our members to return safely from the world’s wild places.

Helicopter evacuation to Kathmandu

In April, a Global Rescue member developed severe abdominal pains during his trek to Everest Base Camp. Given the severity of his situation, Global Rescue evacuated him by helicopter to Kathmandu where he was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Helicopter evacuation from Everest Base Camp

Dr. Robert Vestal, a member of the Wilderness Medical Society, expressed his gratitude to Global Rescue for successfully evacuating him. He commented, “I was exceedingly glad to have a Global Rescue membership.

“Thank you” from American Alpine Club’s Steve Swenson

Descending from the Sasser Kangri II in the Eastern Karakoram, American Alpine Club president Steve Swenson became seriously ill. Global Rescue managed a complex evacuation in a restricted area near the border with Pakistan and China that was not open to civilian aircraft.

 Global Rescue evacuates climber off glacier in Pakistan

A climber had severe frostbite while on the Gasherbrum Glacier in Pakistan. Global Rescue dispatched a helicopter to the camp on the glacier and evacuated the man to a hospital in Skardu, Pakistan, for stabilization.

Further information about Global Rescue for climbers and trekkers can be found  here.