Global Rescue has medically assisted and transported a fisherman after he suffered a heart attack in Vancouver, BC.

William Mitchell was en route to a fishing trip, to go angling for steelhead near Smithers, British Columbia, and was awaiting his connecting flight in Vancouver when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the floor. Medical staff at the airport resuscitated him with a defibrillator and he was taken via ground ambulance to a Vancouver hospital. Once there, he contacted Global Rescue.

Global Rescue physicians reviewed his test results, discussed the diagnosis with the attending cardiologist and recommended aeromedical transport to a facility near his home in California. He was medically evacuated to the Monterey area, where Global Rescue paramedics had ensured he would be seen immediately by a heart surgeon. He was given an internal cardiac defibrillator, and he is now recovering at home.

“We were constantly receiving follow-up calls from Global Rescue while in intensive care,” Mitchell said afterward. “It was simply outstanding. I have recommended Global Rescue to all of my friends who travel internationally – especially sportsmen.”