Mount Himlung (Courtesy Suman Gurung Mountain Guide blog)

Boston, Mass.,

May 20, 2014 0855

Global Rescue, a crisis response firm providing medical and security evacuation services to corporations, governments and individuals, has successfully rescued John All, who fell into a crevasse yesterday while conducting climate research on Mt. Himlung in the Himalayas.  All, a member of the American Alpine Club, estimated he fell approximately 70 feet.  Global Rescue was alerted to All’s situation via satellite text message relayed over the internet.

The Global Rescue operation was conducted by contracted rotary wing aircraft at an altitude of 19,700 feet (6,000 meters).  Global Rescue led the operation from its operations centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Thailand.

Upon landing in Kathmandu,  All was immediately transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu capable of addressing traumatic injuries consistent with a fall from great height and continued exposure to the elements.  Updates regarding his condition can be viewed at the American Climber Science Program‘s Facebook page. 

All moved his expedition to Mount Himlung after the deadly April avalanche shut down the 2014 Mount Everest climbing season.