After a fall during a motorcycle trip in Alaska, Global Rescue member Mike Sonderby shared a detailed account of his rescue together with dramatic photos of his medical evacuation by Global Rescue:

“On a motorcycle trip in Alaska between Coldfoot and Deadhorse on the Dalton Highway, one afternoon I lost control of my bike due to unforeseen loose gravel in the roadway. The bike took me off the roadway and flipped me off. My back and foot were injured to the point where the EMTs immobilized me and I was helicoptered to Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) for a medical evaluation.

“Due to my injuries, I was put on a medevac jet plane and immediately flown to Anchorage, Alaska, where I was admitted to Providence Health Services Hospital. Further evaluation determined that I had broken my T6 vertebrae and four ribs. My left foot had also suffered a gash and required stitches.

“Two days later, surgery was performed on my broken vertebrae, with titanium rods fused to vertebrae T4 to T8, stabilizing T6. After surgery, my pain level was quite high.  Global Rescue spoke with me about getting to my home in Lewes, Delaware, with the doctors estimating that I would be ready to travel within a few days. Global Rescue found a first class seat for me to Philadelphia. I left the hospital early one evening and was at my door step the following day at noon.  The Global Rescue team made all of the arrangements for wheelchair attendants at the airports, including a plane change in Chicago. Global Rescue coordinated limousine service from the hospital to the Anchorage airport and from the Philadelphia airport to my home in Delaware approximately two hours away. The trip was relatively quick by reason of the efficient routing, and all wheelchair and limousine service was executed without flaw. Prior to my departure and upon my arrival at home, Global Rescue was in contact with me.

“I was completely satisfied with Global Rescue’s level of service in handling all of the logistics around my trip from Anchorage to my home.  In the future, I will buy Global Rescue coverage for my trips, particularly those that are adventures and in remote areas of the world. It was a great buy!”