This week’s “Global Rescue Members in Action” entry is an empowering photo submitted by Mary Osborne from her trip to the Maldives.  Read about the moment of triumph she shared with her spontaneous surfing students:


“This photo was taken off the coast of a small island in the Maldives. I was paddling around the island at sunset when I came across this group of ladies swimming.  They kept staring at me and I was very curious. In the Maldives you typically don’t see the women out and about much so this was one of the first times I saw women swimming in the ocean. I slowly paddled over to them and waved for them to try the paddle board.  Due to the language barrier, there were no words exchanged, only smiles and laughter. As a professional surfer, I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world documenting various adventures, however this image is one of my personal favorites. When I look at this picture, it reflects the innocence and freedom for all women in the Maldives.”