Global Rescue is proud to be supporting the UNBRANDED film project. The upcoming documentary follows the story of Ben Masters, Thomas Glover, Jonny Fitzsimons, and Ben Thamer as they travel 3,000 miles through the deepest backcountry in the American West from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Global Rescue will be providing medical advisory support and evacuation services for the team and their film crew.

The ride began on April 1, 2013 at the Mexican border east of Nogales, AZ. The journey will take 6 months and 3,000 miles through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They need to finish in mid-September before the snows block their path in Glacier National Park. The route travels almost exclusively through public land: National Forests, National Parks, BLM, and state land.  90% of the trip will be off of a road of any kind, the remaining 10% will be on a little used 4-WD dirt path. The route goes through famously scenic and rugged areas such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and many more.

“We are about to start on a 3,000 mile ride from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and we’ve chosen Global Rescue for peace of mind on the journey. If we get hurt in the backcountry it is reassuring to know that we can call their team and they will be there to help.” Said Ben Masters

“Snowy passes, flooded rivers, drought, forest fires, wildlife, injury, and fatigue will present difficulties but suburbs, highways, dammed rivers, barbed wire, and land use regulations are very real logistical complications as well. The trip won’t be easy, but the joys will be greater than the pains and the complications will disappear when we throw our cell phones away. The ride is broken into ten day segments that begin and end at a prearranged ranch.  We’ll take a day of rest at these ranches to resupply for the next segment.  Our horseshoes have been reinforced with hard surfacing on the heels and toes to prolong their lives.”

Mustangs, born and raised in the wild, will be taking them on their journey. This is a story of the partnership between horse and rider, a testament to the hardiness of mustangs, and a tribute to the early explorers whose spirit remains today.

The team hopes to show the documentary at Sundance Film Festival.

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