The new and improved Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery system (GRID 2.0) isn’t just the world’s only integrated travel risk, asset tracking, intelligence delivery and crisis response management platform. It’s an indispensable companion app to our best-in-class medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services.

Our team of medical, security, operations and tech experts optimized this one-of-a-kind system with new, innovative traveler safety features, advanced traveler-tracking capabilities, and an enhanced user interface to keep travelers safe, informed and connected.


What’s New

GRID 2.0 features five specific upgrades that make it a ‘must-have’ tool for the health and safety of business travelers.

  1. The updated traveler-tracking feature allows users to share links directly from the portal with colleagues, friends and family to enhance safety and peace of mind.
  2. An augmented algorithm computes travel data visualization and determines which travelers are impacted by events at destinations and informs them through alert notifications.
  3. A state-of-the-art integrated map functionality enables users to visualize real-time traveler data dynamically and interactively.
  4. Enhanced user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) upgrades improve seamless dissemination of information.
  5. The redesigned control center provides near-to-real-time global event updates customized to the needs of travelers who may be impacted.


Global Rescue GRID Screenshots GIF

The GRID System Improves Travel Industry Health and Safety

Most travelers lack immediate access to travel intelligence information or communication capabilities that may be lifesaving in the event of a medical or security emergency.

Global Rescue’s GRID 2.0 changes that.

The GRID 2.0 system distributes event notifications and alerts for civil unrest, disease-related developments, safety issues, transportation disruptions, communications blackouts and natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity.

In an emergency, the GRID 2.0 app puts its members in immediate contact with the medical teams and military special operations veterans who staff Global Rescue’s global operations centers.

The GRID mobile app places critical medical, security and other essential travel intelligence at fingertips of my traveling workforce, and the GRID Administrator Control Center gives us access to global risks 24/7/365 so we can monitor and respond for the safety of our business travelers. – Sherri HershSenior Manager, International Accreditation, ABET


How It Works

The GRID 2.0 platform comprises two parts to reduce traveler risk: the Individual Traveler Mobile App and the Desktop Administrator Control Center. These tools work together to help individuals, organizations, companies and universities protect, track and communicate with remote travelers, employees and students.

Travelers using the GRID 2.0 Individual Traveler Mobile App can research medical and security risks by destination, obtain automatic destination reports, receive active security alerts including analysis and advice, connect for GPS “check-ins” with real-time location tracking, and stay in touch with in-app communications both internally and with Global Rescue.

Administrators managing the GRID 2.0 Desktop Administrator Control Center receive comprehensive situational awareness of global risks 24/7/365, monitor real-time global threats and analysis with event alerts, audit a dynamic global risk map to identify regions of increased risk, and manage communications using the in-app messaging that allows direct contact with individual or group GRID 2.0 Mobile App users.


iPhones displaying Global Rescue's GRID on the screens.

Global Rescue’s GRID 2.0 mobile app is designed for ease of use and includes six essential user functions:

  1. Emergency function – During an emergency, tap and hold the Emergency button at the top of the app’s landing page for three seconds. This will automatically send a message to the Global Rescue Operations Center, which will start working on your case immediately. You can choose to add details if appropriate.
  2. Alerts function – View event alerts that meet the specific criteria you’ve selected via the online GRID 2.0 platform for unique alert profiles.
  3. Check-In – If you choose to check in, tap the “check-in” button on the landing page, and then the “check-in” button on the next page. You can include a message if you would like. By checking in, you are sending your GPS coordinates to Global Rescue and your company.
  4. Events – See all event alerts published by Global Rescue’s in-house intelligence team. The titles of the event alerts are visible on the first page, along with the risk rating of the country affected. You can select any of the event alerts that interest you and read a summary and analysis of the situation, and advice on what actions to take if affected.
  5. Destination Reports – Comprehensive reports that cover everything from currency and common scams to travel health and personal security advice in 215 countries and territories worldwide.
  6. Contact Global Rescue – Global Rescue is available 24/7/365 for medical or security questions. Get real-time access to doctors, paramedics, nurses and intelligence experts.


A screenshot of Global Rescue's GRID's control center.

GRID 2.0 by the Numbers

More than 150 companies have used Global Rescue’s GRID 2.0 system. In the past 18 months, the system has distributed nearly two million alerts to member company staff and their contractors, as well as journalists, business travelers, faculty and students. GRID 2.0 provides travelers with real-time background, analysis and advice about what to do in the event of an emergency in the country they are visiting.

In recent months, the Global Rescue GRID 2.0 platform was used to coordinate evacuations from war-torn Ukraine and civil unrest in Sudan, help students and faculty get out of Russia, and provide security advisory for foreign news correspondents working for several major U.S. news outlets.

GRID 2.0 helps keep track of people. It makes the needle bigger and the haystack smaller. – Harding BushFormer Navy SEAL and Global Rescue Security Operations Manager



GRID 2.0 places critical medical, security and other essential travel intelligence in the hands of leisure and business workforce travelers from Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, NGOs, government agencies and organizations.


In the first half of 2023, there were a total of 5,564 global events reported:

  •     2 were categorized as Extremely Severe
  •     52 were rated as Highly Severe
  •     2,880 were classified as Medium Severity
  •     2,630 were ranked as Low Severity

Event Alerts Sent Q1 2023 to business and leisure travelers:

  •   193,247 total event alerts distributed
  • 58,747 low severity event alerts distributed
  •   127, 925 medium severity event alerts distributed
  • 6,575 high severity event alerts distributed

Event Alerts Sent Q2 2023 to business and leisure travelers:

  •   175,941 total event alerts distributed
  • 64,345 low severity event alerts distributed
  •   108,421 medium severity event alerts distributed
  • 2,987 high severity event alerts distributed
  • 188 extreme severity event alerts distributed


Our mission at Global Rescue is to minimize traveler risk and to be there when the unexpected happens and get you to safety. Since 2004 we’ve been providing the world’s leading medical, security, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services. Whether you’re traveling for business or combining work and leisure on a trip, we will rescue you from the point of injury, illness or threat and get you to a safe place or medical care facility capable of providing the care you need.