Travelers are taking more trips than ever in 2023 and many are seeking higher levels of adventure, according to the Global Rescue Traveler Survey. More than a third of survey respondents (34%) are planning to take more adventurous or riskier trips in the future. Most respondents reported that the possibility of travel restrictions in the future and the YOLO maxim – you only live once – drives them to get as much adventure travel in as possible before they no longer can.

“Travelers are exhibiting behavior consistent with an increasing desire for immersive experiences,” said Dan Richards, CEO of The Global Rescue Companies, the world’s leading provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services, and a member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

As travelers venture to places they have never been, find unusual destinations where they can have completely new experiences, or simply stick with the tried-and-true locales, Global Rescue is answering the service needs of travelers here and abroad without any disruptions. In a typical 30-day period, Global Rescue executes hundreds of operations in dozens of countries and territories. Below are highlights from some of our most recent operations in various locations.


Infant Evacuation in Nepal

A 19-month-old baby from Brazil needed a high-altitude field rescue and medical evacuation from Dingboche, Nepal, (14,470 feet/4,410 meters) after developing symptoms of acute mountain sickness (AMS). The Dingboche-based medical clinic staff reported the baby registered low oxygen levels, elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, and cyanosis (skin bluing). Due to the baby’s worsening condition, Global Rescue medical operations activated an airborne medical evacuation. She was safely transported to a hospital in Kathmandu, where she was evaluated, treated and admitted. Fortunately, the baby’s symptoms improved significantly at the lower elevation and with treatment. She was discharged to her parent the next day with a diagnosis of AMS.


The rooftops and Sacre Couer of Paris, France.


Pitfall in Paris

A U.S. member slipped and fell in Paris injuring her left shoulder. Local physicians diagnosed a fracture of the left humeral bone and recommended immobilizing the shoulder for six weeks. Unfortunately, the injury was painful and limited the member’s mobility. Global Rescue medical operations physicians reviewed the medical report and recommended luggage and wheelchair assistance for the member during her flights home as well as car service from the airport to her home. She successfully returned home for follow-up care and recovery.


Post-Surgical Medical Evacuation from Cyprus

A U.S. member visiting Cyprus was suffering from upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. She was transported and admitted to a local hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with gallstones (cholelithiasis) and underwent surgery immediately. Global Rescue medical operations personnel approved a medical escort to manage the member’s post-surgery assistance and medication administration during transport home. Global Rescue secured business class seating for the member and her children for their return trip home to Chicago. Global Rescue provided wheelchair and luggage assistance for all transfer points as well as car service from the airport to the member’s home where she and her family safely arrived.


Two people ride on a motorcycle in the Namibian desert.


Motorcycle Crash in Namibia

A member from California needed field rescue and medical evacuation from Swakopmund, Namibia, after suffering an accident while riding his dirt bike. He was rushed to a medical clinic and a member of his group contacted Global Rescue. Following a series of CT scans and X-rays, it was determined that the accident caused a broken wrist and severe damage to his neck requiring surgery beyond the capabilities of the clinic. Global Rescue initiated a medical evacuation to another hospital where a specialist neurosurgeon would operate. The surgeries on his neck and wrist were successful and the treating physician discharged the member with orders for a day’s rest and recovery at a hotel with his father. Global Rescue provided business class flights for the member and his father who arrived safely home in Los Angeles.


Severe Allergic Reaction in Tanzania

A Canadian member needed field rescue from Gilman’s Point, Tanzania, after developing facial swelling, elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, and loss of balance. She alerted Global Rescue using her Zoleo SOS button. Global Rescue medical operations personnel assessed her condition and initiated a field rescue from Barafu Camp to a medical center. Following an airborne transport, she was diagnosed with extreme fatigue and photo contact dermatitis with respiratory issues triggered by an allergic reaction to a diuretic used to ease AMS. The treating medical physician discharged her with a prescription for medications to assist her recovery. She returned home with a plan to follow up with her primary care physician.


Inside the cockpit of a helicopter, looking over the shoulder of two pilots, out at a man waving the aircraft in.


Finger Frostbite in Nepal

A U.S. member was trekking in Nepal when he contacted Global Rescue from Kumbhakarna Base Camp in Lelep to report he was suffering from frostbite on his right ring finger and the tips of his left hand. Global Rescue medical operations assessed the situation and discovered the member’s condition was worsening, as a blister became an open wound on one of his fingers and it no longer had any sensation, while his left fingertips had turned purple and were numbing. Global Rescue personnel initiated an immediate emergency helicopter rescue to transport the member to a hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, nightfall and weather conditions delayed the rescue until the next morning. Global Rescue physicians advised the member to descend to a lower altitude to help his body warm thereby providing increased oxygenation for tissue preservation. The next day, the member was successfully transported to a hospital where treating doctors diagnosed him with frostbite. He underwent a five-day iloprost treatment to improve the blood flow and increase skin tissue restoration. The member completed his treatment and reported no issues with his condition.


Volleyball Accident in Switzerland

A U.S. member needed field rescue following a volleyball accident in Switzerland where he injured his right ankle. Global Rescue coordinated with local first responders who reset the ankle before transporting him to a medical facility where staff evaluated the injury and took X-rays. No fractures were noted. The member reported positive recovery progress and noted minimal discomfort from the injury. He and his family planned to return to the U.S. for an MRI and a consultation with a specialist regarding further treatment and care if needed.


Multiple Sclerosis Episode Prompts Evac from Nepal

A U.S. member needed airborne evacuation from Thamel, Nepal, and a medical escort home following a medical episode related to Multiple Sclerosis. During a visit to Kathmandu, Nepal, the member experienced uncontrollable twitching, headache and extreme pain related to nerve damage caused by her disease. Her husband contacted Global Rescue for help. Following an initial assessment, the Global Rescue medical operations team immediately advised the member to go to the hospital. She was admitted and transferred to the intensive care unit for management and monitoring by the hospital’s neurologist. Global Rescue physicians worked with the neurologist in Nepal and the member’s neurologist in the U.S. to discuss the management of her symptoms and travel recommendations. Global Rescue provided business class flights with airport assistance. Unfortunately, the member had another episode, delaying her return home. Following her recovery, Global Rescue deployed a medical escort to assist with the member’s return home and management of her medications. She and her husband arrived home safely without incident where she will continue her treatment.


Medevac Due to Spinal Meningitis in Italy

A U.S. member needed medical evacuation from Firenze, Italy, to her home in the U.S. after being diagnosed with spinal meningitis. Global Rescue was contacted by the member’s representative asking for assistance to transfer her to the U.S. Following an assessment of the medical report, Global Rescue provided air ambulance transport for the member to her home hospital of choice in Florida.


For the modern-day traveler, a Global Rescue membership provides services traditional travel insurance doesn’t offer including field rescue, medical evacuation, and medical and security advisory, to name just a few. But it’s the benefit of peace of mind, inspired by those services – and the Global Rescue emergency experts who deliver them 24/7/365 – that resonates most with our members.