The Avalon’s departure from Geraldton in Western Australia on June 11, 2014 (Photo courtesy of Ocean Row Events)

Following Global Rescue’s successful rescue last week of a rower in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Ocean Row Events managing director and ocean rower Leven Brown shared his gratitude:

“I would thoroughly recommend Global Rescue to all seafarers. We had a crew member with severe burns during a rowing expedition and we were literally in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Global Rescue not only gave us medical advice which helped us manage these burns but also arranged a quick and efficient evacuation for the crew member.  If you are going anywhere adventurous and it carries risk, Global Rescue is the essential partner as it is for us.”  Leven Brown, Ocean Rower, Managing Director – Ocean Row Events


Avalon crew member Shane Usher (in light blue) with crew of the Nordic River (Photo courtesy of LPGC “Nordic River” “K” Line Ship Management Co., Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan])