Travel protection is no longer an option; local getaway gems are rediscovered.

Lebanon, N.H. April 29, 2022 – Obtaining travel protection and using local getaways are the two biggest lessons learned since the pandemic started, according to travel risk expert Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. National Travel and Tourism Week (May 1-7) celebrates the value of travel, especially in a year when the U.S and the rest of the world are emerging from the worst of the pandemic that virtually shut down international travel.

The first important lesson learned is the need for travel protection beyond lost luggage or delayed flights. The pandemic raised awareness of the limitations of traditional travel insurance and the value of stand-alone medical assistance and evacuation safety net.

“The traveler mindset has made a tectonic shift, moving travel protection for emergency medical services and evacuation from ‘optional’ to ‘obligatory’. Travelers learned that emergency rescue and evacuation services are often essential, whether it’s due to COVID-19, a natural disaster, civil unrest or simply needing emergency help when you’re traveling,” Richards said.

The second important lesson realized is the beauty of local travel.

“COVID-19 opened the door for people to explore and appreciate the great outdoors nearby, and people flooded through the doorway,” Richards said. 

Outdoor activity worldwide is reaching unprecedented heights of curiosity and participation among beginners, experts and everyone in between.

“Whether or not destination travel is disrupted in the future, travelers learned to take advantage of local, outdoor activities. We learned, too. That’s why we eliminated our 100+ miles-from-home requirement to access our rescue services,” Richards said.

Global Rescue is the first and only travel risk and crisis management company to make this change. Now whether you’re near home or abroad and you get ill or injured and you’re unable to get to safety on your own, Global Rescue members are protected. 

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