Do you need emergency help during a trip? A medical evacuation? Travel information, event alerts, or trip planning information? Your Global Rescue membership provides services for emergency field rescue from the point of illness or injury, medical advisory, traveler assistance, destination reports, event alerts, and medical evacuation transport home and (for applicable memberships) virtual healthcare access and security services.

As a member, we want you to contact us whether it’s a major emergency or something minor.

  • Did you sustain a major injury or get really sick? Head injury? Acute Mountain Sickness? Malaria? Heat exhaustion? Heart attack? Contact us immediately and an on-staff expert will answer and assess your circumstances and arrange for your medical evacuation, if necessary.
  • Do you have a twisted ankle or is it a fracture? Is your severely upset stomach due to food poisoning? Is that strange bug bite getting worse? It may seem like a minor injury or illness at first, but you can make certain by contacting Global Rescue. You will get real-time access to doctors, paramedics and nurses who will help sort out the do’s and don’ts based on your unique situation and symptoms. It’s part of your membership services.
  • Did you run out of a prescription, lose your passport or hear a flash flood warning? Maybe there’s a local language barrier you need to overcome. You’re just one call away from help from travel advice experts who will keep you safe and prepared, whether that means identifying where you can refill your prescription, changing your destination to avoid a natural disaster threat, or finding translation services. Again, it’s all part of your membership.

Contact Global Rescue at +1 (617) 459-4200 or or


For Global Rescue member benefits to apply, Global Rescue must provide emergency rescue or transportation response services. Global Rescue will not pay for a self-arranged rescue, and if emergency or rescue services are arranged by anyone other than Global Rescue it is considered the same as a self-arranged rescue. Global Rescue is a service provider, not an insurance company, and we are legally not allowed to reimburse members for the costs of rescue or any transportation services.


If you experience a life-threatening emergency and are within the range of an emergency service — like 911 in North America, 112 in the EU or 999 in the U.K. — contact them immediately. If you experience an emergency, after you are safe and stabilized and need to communicate with Global Rescue you must contact Global Rescue directly by phone at +1 (617) 459-4200 or by sending an e-mail to or

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Self-Service Member Benefits

Access Global Rescue services directly from your smartphone using the My Global Rescue Mobile App. Browse destination reports and alerts, activate emergency assistance, schedule real-time virtual health visits and keep track of the people you care about with GPS tracking and messaging. Download the My Global Rescue App for Apple devices here and Android devices here. 

  • Destination Reports – Members can obtain a destination report for 215 countries and territories worldwide. Access entry requirements, travel status and restrictions, detailed health and security assessments and required immunizations. Log in to the member portal on the Global Rescue website ( using your email address and password, navigate to “Destination Reports” and select the country or territory of interest.
  • Event and Travel Alerts – Keep up to date on health and security events worldwide. Members can find travel alerts by clicking on destination reports, selecting the country and reviewing available alerts located at the top of the My Global Rescue App under “Events.” On desktop, members can log in to the member portal on the Global Rescue website ( using your email address and password, navigate to “Destination Reports” and select the country or territory of interest. Alerts are located next to the destination map.

Contacting Global Rescue Through a Satellite Device

You should review the instructions regarding your device’s SOS features and procedures. Understand who receives the SOS message signal when it is sent and what services the SOS monitoring provider offers. Contacting Global Rescue directly at +1 (617) 459-4200 or through a messaging device at or is the most straightforward way of obtaining service. Read How To Send an SOS: Two-way Communication Success for details about satellite device communications.