From time immemorial, people have employed a wide variety of methods and practices to achieve peace of mind. Religious devotion and prayer, meditation and mindfulness, creative expression, physical exercise, or even just a quiet walk in the woods.

For the modern-day traveler, however, there’s one essential ingredient necessary to put your mind at ease: a Global Rescue membership.

Sure, there are the services we provide to our members if there’s a need: field rescue, medical evacuation, medical and security advisory, to name just a few.

But it’s the benefit of peace of mind, inspired by those services – and the emergency experts who deliver them 24/7/365 – that resonates most with our members.


A woman in a purple winter jacket poses for the camera atop a snowy hillside.


“It makes me feel less worried about what could happen,” said Bianca Heinrich, a member since 2020. “What I highly appreciate about Global Rescue is the ease of communication and quick response rate. You guys respond to every inquiry and request very fast. It’s amazing.”

A vacation, for example, becomes an opportunity to escape and relax with a travel protection services membership. Travelers have access to a virtual team of experts – a doctor, a paramedic, a translator, a logistics expert, an intelligence analyst and a security advisor – should any issues or emergencies arise.

And should you encounter a violent situation caused by civil unrest or even a terror attack, our security team with years of military special operations expertise under their belts, are one call, email, or in-app message away to provide the best guidance for the situation.

“Global Rescue kept me settled, calm and informed,” said UK businessman and Global Rescue member Michael Blease-Shepley regarding a dangerous situation in Nigeria with sporadic civil unrest.

Penny Garza, a recent member, agreed. She gets a sense of security since joining. “I go to Europe a lot, and the farther east I go, the more nervous I get as of late.”


Boundless Travel, Endless Possibilities

Some providers refuse traveler protection if they think your activities are too risky. With Global Rescue, there are no activity restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing the Matterhorn, paragliding in the Everglades or scuba diving off a remote island shore.


A man with sunglasses, beard, hat, winter jacket, backpack, and trekking poles sits and admires the view of the mountains behind him.


“For my kind of outdoor travel, I enjoy the peace of mind that Global Rescue will always be there to assist when the situation is dire and needs an urgent intervention,” said Shadi Joweihan, a new member.

We have rescued injured climbers stuck in a remote Pakistan mountain range, an adventure racer suffering a dangerous infection in Fiji, a surfer with a serious eye injury in Indonesia, and a traveler on safari attacked by a leopard in Botswana. Your Global Rescue membership covers your adventure activities with no limitations.


Extraordinary Help for Ordinary Travel Situations

But peace of mind doesn’t only come from knowing that you have expert help in a potentially life-threatening emergency. It also comes from knowing the big and small questions stemming from travel troubles and inconveniences are taken care of, too.

Did you lose your passport? Are you looking for the nearest pharmacy that speaks your language? Do your travel destinations have the medical infrastructure you may need? Is the dangerous weather event going to impact you? With your Global Rescue membership, our in-house experts will answer these travel questions on your first call.

Maredith Richardson’s passport was stolen in France and the process of getting an appointment for passport replacement could have taken weeks. “The Global Rescue team handled it completely, got it hammered out within a couple of hours and got me into the embassy for an urgent passport replacement appointment,” she said.

“The one travel membership I don’t leave home without is Global Rescue,” says Joanne Herd, a travel advisor for Girasole Travel. “After leading humanitarian trips to Haiti for several years and purchasing a membership each time, I highly recommend them.”

Peace of mind isn’t a service you can buy, but rather an outcome members enjoy thanks to our team of paramedics, nurses, physicians and military special forces veterans who consistently provide life-protecting medical, security and intelligence services for travelers.

It’s why Global Rescue was named “Best Travel Membership” by Forbes magazine. Dr. John Hertner, a member since 2016, summed it up best. “Having a Global Rescue membership means the elimination of worry about what if.”