In 2023, the romance travel industry has never been riper with opportunities for traveling lovers. From delayed honeymoons to babymoons to the new “familymoons,” star-crossed sweethearts are traveling around the world like they’re making up for lost time.  

Let’s look at the latest romance travel trends, where to go to rekindle that loving feeling and why Global Rescue’s destination reports are an essential resource to help travelers determine which places are or aren’t safe. So, grab your planner and start dreaming.  

2023 Romance Travel Trends 

Make it epic. 

If there’s anything we’ve learned since 2020 it’s that life is unpredictable. We shouldn’t wait to make lasting memories with the ones we love. Traveling amorists increasingly realize this, prompting them to visit those most memorable, most epic places on earth. says that couples in 2023 aren’t just looking for luxury and relaxation on their travels, they’re looking for a story.  

And they’re willing to pay for it, Jubilee Travel says of these “mega-moons.” Couples are planning beyond a beach vacation and including multiple destinations, dotted with activities that spark romance and give them a story to tell when they return home. 

Traditional longtail boats on beach at Phuket, Thailand
Traditional longtail boats are popular for family tours of the islands near Phuket, Thailand. Explore the sub-sea realm of Phi Phi Islands, the sea caves in Phang Nga Bay, or the remote island beaches around Phuket.

Bring the whole family. 

It’s no surprise that pandemic-caused travel restrictions have limited couples’ abilities to go on romantic getaways. But now that authorities have, for the most part, lifted restrictions, couples are getting creative about how to make up for the missed celebrations. One solution? Bring the whole family. Dubbed “familymoons,” couples are taking the whole crew on a memory-making adventure.  

And for the just married, many newlyweds are taking advantage of a widespread desire for travel and inviting their wedding guests stay beyond the ceremony to enjoy the destination for an extended getaway.   

Make it responsible. 

Giving back can be romantic, too. “Conscious travel” has been on the rise, according to, with many couples choosing to connect over a shared desire to make the world a better place.  

“Many luxury properties offer a form of “volun-tourism” or education to service locals and enlighten honeymooners,” the site said.  

Leave the screen behind. 

Luxury Travel Consultant Tracy Effron of An Avenue Apart told she “highly encourages honeymooners to put their phones away. Save posting on social media until either the end of each day or after the trip. This keeps them attentive to one another and the trip without keeping their heads in their devices and allows them to truly unplug.”  

Honeymoon couple under a tiki hut on a private beach with an infinity pool
Better than half of couples surveyed by the wedding planning site, Zola, revealed that their ideal honeymoon destination is a remote beach with few distractions.

The Most Romantic Destinations 

Travel + Leisure has released its 50 most romantic getaways for couples, and it’s sure to make your heart beat a little faster.  

Top of the list is Scotland, which is beloved for its quaint towns, rolling green hills and whiskey distilleries.  

If you’re looking for classic white sands and warm sunshine, the list includes classic spots like the British Virgin Islands, Mexico, Hawaii and bigger destinations like Phuket, Thailand.   

Door County, Wisconsin, made the list with its unassuming charm and secluded spots where romance can bloom. Other stateside spots with romantic charm include Washington state, the Oregon coast, several spots in California and “the rugged coasts and quaint towns of Maine.” 

If you and your partner are destination romantics, the list has you covered. The Galápagos Islands, Chassignolles, France, Willemstad, Curaçao, and Santorini, Greece, are just a start.  

Not So Romantic Destinations 

When you’re in love, the world is your oyster, to a point. There are some locations to keep off your long list. Here are a few destination factors to consider when building out that romantic getaway wish list: 

  • High crime or volatile political climates – While it’s always important to be aware of crime wherever you travel, some destinations will cause undue stress on your romantic getaway if they’re areas fraught with petty crimes or political instability. 
  • Hostile environments for women – Some countries may have an unequal view of women, which may result in a less than comfortable (and not so romantic) vacation. The U.S. Department of State recommends these considerations for female travelers before you go.  
  • Adverse environments for LGBTQ+ travelers – It’s best to steer clear of countries where cultural, political or religious norms and laws will not welcome, or even endanger, LGBTQ+ travelers. The U.S. Department of State recommends these considerations for LGBTQ+ travelers before you go.

For comprehensive and up-to-date information for 215 countries and principalities, Global Rescue’s destination reports, included in a membership, can help you determine which trips to bucket into your “do” and “do not” lists.  

Love Is in the Air With Global Rescue  

If there’s one thing romance travelers want to avoid, it’s stress. But the fact is, even the most romantic, best-planned escapes can be foiled by the unexpected.  

Global Rescue knows this well, which is why we offer medical and security evacuation services should a crisis occur. A membership will give you the peace of mind to truly relax and be present wherever your heart my take you.  

And what could be more romantic than that?