Xinhua/Landov image (courtesy of Men’s Journal)

From Nepal to Aconcagua, Global Rescue has assisted climbers and trekkers for years. As a company that provides both medical and security services, it is disheartening to see global occurrences in which these two areas converge. Tragically, that was the case with the recent attack on a group of climbers in the Himalayas. Ten climbers perished and one Chinese ex-soldier leapt off a cliff and survived.

The August 2013 issue of Men’s Journal recounts the attack in detail. In the article, Manzoor Hussain, president of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, notes that the attack marks a “fatal blow” to tourism in the region for years to come. For climbers, safety in this region becomes of paramount concern.

By nature, climbers are risk-takers. Yet events such as this force climbers to evaluate risk on a deeper level.

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