An article in this month’s Sporting Classics magazine features Global Rescue’s work, and in particular its medical evacuation of a South African man attacked by a leopard. John Ross writes in his “Travel” column:

What does it cost to save your buns when the going gets dangerously bad?

Not a lot, really, even if you’re hunting in sub-Saharan Africa, the mountains of the Middle East or the jungle along Colombia’s border with Venezuela. A payment of less than $200, or $300 if you’re headed into a zone with possible civil unrest, terrorism or open warfare, will cover a two-week trip. Think how much you just shelled out for dinner for four at that good restaurant you and your wife love to frequent.

While you and your three friends were enjoying that chef’s new inspiration, a leopard in South Africa thought it would dine on John Abraham. It sank its teeth into his knee, and bit his wrist before it expired.

A local doctor cleaned and dressed the wound and Abraham returned to camp. Almost immediately infection set in. The pain was intense as was the swelling. More than 1,000 miles separated him from top-quality medical facilities in Johannesburg. His safari company is a member of Global Rescue, which specializes in medical and security evacuations. His wife placed the call, and Abraham is now recovering very well…