You’ve traveled before with no incidents. Why do you need a travel membership today? Here are 10 ways a travel membership can have your back. 

1. You Are Ill or Injured While Traveling 

A travel protection membership evacuates members from the point of illness or injury to the nearest appropriate hospital, clinic or medical provider.  

2. You Need to be Transferred to a Different Care Facility 


Perhaps the hospital doesn’t provide the care you need. A travel protection membership can transport members to a vetted medical center or their home hospital of choice. 

“The closest medical facility isn’t always the right one. Global Rescue gets you to the most appropriate hospital for your illness or injury,” said Dan Stretch, operations manager at Global Rescue. 

3. You Have a Medical Question 

Sometimes you just have a question about a symptom. Available 24/7/365, a travel protection membership team can direct you to the best local medical resources around the world so you are not left guessing about how to best address your health concern.  

“Our team of medical professionals include paramedics, nurses and doctors. We handle calls for cuts and stomach upsets to more severe illnesses and injuries, like chest pains and serious trauma,” said Michael Lovely, operations supervisor at Global Rescue. 

4. You Have a Travel Question 


How do I replace my stolen passport? Where is the nearest pharmacy? Travel questions are answered by in-house experts on your first call.  

“The process to get an appointment for passport replacement could take weeks. The Global Rescue team handled it completely, got it hammered out within a couple of hours and got me into the embassy for an urgent passport replacement appointment,” said Maredith Richardson whose passport was stolen in France. 

5. There’s a Terror Attack or Civil Unrest 

One call, email or in-app message will put you in touch with a security team with years of military special operations expertise to provide the best advice for your situation.  

“You can’t just have one plan. You need to have secondary and tertiary plans in place. We develop redundant air providers and ground options for operations related to civil unrest or terrorism. Just in case,” said Harding Bush, a former Navy SEAL and associate manager operation for Global Rescue. 

6. A Tragedy Happens 

Death overseas is not a frequent occurrence, but a mortal remains transport is a service included in a membership.  

“Every travel adventure comes with risks including the ultimate hazard, the loss of life. It’s rare but it happens, and when it does, surviving loved ones face a slew of end-of-life tasks, including how to bring the deceased back home from their trip. Having mortal remains transport services as part of your travel protection saves your family and friends time, money, paperwork and unnecessary guesswork under duress,” said Bill McIntyre, Global Rescue communications director. 

7. You Need Coronavirus Testing Before, During and After Travel 

A travel protection membership can help travelers find coronavirus-capable hospitals and testing facilities.  

“A member traveling with his family called on Global Rescue to help identify local urgent care centers where he and members of his family could be tested for virus antibodies and infection. The Global Rescue medical operations team investigated the area, vetted multiple resources and provided the member with the needed information,” said Jeff Weinstein, a paramedic and medical operations supervisor for Global Rescue. 

8. Your Travel Includes High-Risk Activities 

remote adventure travel

It doesn’t matter if you are climbing Mount Everest, paragliding in the Everglades or scuba diving off a remote island shore. A membership covers your adventure activities with no limitations.  

“We’ve rescued injured climbers stuck in a remote Pakistan mountain range, an adventure racer suffering a dangerous infection in Fiji, a group of Middlebury College students caught up in the civil unrest known as Arab Spring, and honeymooners from Nepal following a massive earthquake,” said Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. 

9. One-stop Destination Information 

Travelers don’t have to puzzle together a patchwork of sources to sort out entry requirements, immunization recommendations or safety levels. A membership includes destination reports for 215 countries with up-to-date travel information — medical, security and intelligence data — in one place.  

“The pandemic has redefined how we travel. Travelers looking to get back on the road are re-examining what precautions and protections they need in the current environment. We know the must-haves for any trip in today’s world,” Weinstein said. 

10. Peace of Mind 

With a travel protection services membership, a vacation is truly time to relax, escape and enjoy. Travelers have access to a virtual team of experts: a doctor, a paramedic, a translator, a logistics expert, an intelligence analyst and a security advisor.  

“Global Rescue kept me settled, calm and informed,” said U.K businessman Michael Blease-Shepley regarding a dangerous quarantine in Nigeria. 

It’s no surprise that a Global Rescue travel protection membership can provide assistance for all 10 reasons. It’s the perfect way to travel prepared, no matter where your travels take you.