Exclusive NRA member benefit– Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery (GRIDSM

In an unpredictable world, it’s essential for travelers to be aware of world events and potential threats to their safety, security or health.

To help members stay informed, the NRA is partnering with Global Rescue to offer access to its unique travel platform, the Global Rescue Intelligence Delivery (GRID) system. GRID is an online resource providing:

  • Destinations – Detailed reports on countries around the world
  • Events – Timely information on global events
  • Country Risk Rating – Scaled risk ratings
  • Security assessment – Intelligence overviews and advice
  • Health assessment – Travel health risks, advice and immunization requirements
  • Entry and exit requirements – Visa information, import and export restrictions
  • Important numbers – Country codes, embassy and emergency contact information.



Learn more about the full Global Rescue membership.




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No NRA member dues or contributions are used for this promotion, program, or any other related expenses.