With global threats to travelers on the rise, businesses are rethinking how they protect, track, and communicate with employees and expatriates working abroad.

The Global Rescue GRID – the world’s only integrated travel risk, asset tracking, intelligence delivery, and crises response management platform – enables businesses to keep their remote employees safe, informed, and connected, while also meeting their Duty of Care obligations.


Travel Preparation and Planning

GRID’s destination reports and country risk ratings provide travelers with detailed insight into the overall health and security risk of the countries they will visit, enabling more informed decision making about business travel.

Real-time Travel Intelligence and Event Monitoring

Backed by Global Rescue’s worldwide team of intelligence analysts who monitor and publish information on global events as they occur, GRID provides travelers with real-time background, analysis, and advice about what to do in the event of an emergency in the country they are visiting.

Traveler and Asset Tracking

As a business’s centralized repository for asset location data and employee travel reservations, GRID’s GPS-enabled tracking feature allows employers to pinpoint their assets and traveling employees anywhere in the world, at any given moment

Mass Communication

In an emergency, employers can rely on the GRID’s integrated email, text, and phone capabilities to communicate with traveling employees. Employers can also customize the delivery of real-time alerts based on traveler profiles, the nature of the alert, and geography, ensuring traveling employees always have timely access to relevant, potentially life-saving, information about their location.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Travelers can rely on Global Rescue GRID to not only receive real-time health and safety alerts, but to also check-in with their employer and to request emergency assistance from Global Rescue. In an emergency, travelers are always connected to help.


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  • Destination Reports
  • Real-time Event Alerts
  • GPS-enabled Asset Tracking and Monitoring
  • Mass Communication
  • Two-way In-app Messaging
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Mobile Control Center
  • Global Rescue Mobile App

To learn more about the Global Rescue GRID, contact us at (800) 381-9754 or by email at enterprise@globalrescue.com


“In addition to providing crisis response and intelligence services for our enterprise, Global Rescue has also proactively trained our staff to improve the safety of our traveling employees.”

Women’s World Banking


“Join Global Rescue. They’re a well-tested provider of evacuation and medical services in the case of emergency.”

National Geographic



The Global Rescue Mobile App is designed for iOS (iOS 8 and above) and Android (4.4 and above) platforms.