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Don't know when, or where to travel? Global Rescue membership comes with the flexibility for you to buy now and activate later. Buy a plan now and give us a call when you know your travel dates

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Flexible travel protection with a Global Rescue membership

Whether you’re traveling by yourself or your family, for business or as a touristor to study, Global Rescue memberships are flexible if your travel plans change. You can buy a travel protection plan now and activate it when you know your travel dates.

Emergency Field Rescue

Emergency Field Rescue

Medical Evacuation and Advisory

Medical Evacuation and Advisory

Global COVID-19 Transport

Global COVID-19 Transport

24/7/365 Traveler Assistance

24/7/365 Traveler Assistance

Real-Time Event Alerts

Destination Reports and Event Alerts

Protect yourself.
Buy now and activate later.

We expect the unexpected so you don’t have to. Global Rescue membership comes with the flexibility for you to buy now and activate later. Buy a plan now and give us a call when you know your travel dates.

You get the value of a travel protection membershipthat works on your travel schedule and you have a team of medical and security experts behind you, no matter where you are in the world. Lose your passport in Paris like Maredith? She avoided a six-week bureaucratic nightmare with Global Rescue. Have a motorcycle accident in a remote part of Africa like Jim? Global Rescue’s medical personnel got him to safety. Become COVID-19 symptomatic in The Bahamas like Dolly? Global Rescue evacuated her by air ambulance to a higher level of care.

Without Global Rescue, your travel emergency could take longer, cost more —and make a dangerous situation a lot worse.

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Emergency and Medical Services

Medical Evacuation

If you do have to be hospitalised, we have the ability to transport our members back to their home hospital of choice.

Field Rescue

Field rescue means we’ll send help if you are unable to get to a hospital or are in danger. Our deployable teams are standing by to rescue our members from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency.

Security Membership

Our teams of military special operations veterans are available to provide advisory, consultation and evacuation services for events like natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest when you are in danger.

Travel Advisory and Assistance Service

Medical Advisory

Our operations centres are staffed by experienced nurses and paramedics, who can help you get the care you need.

Global Rescue also has partnerships with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group and Partners HealthCare.

Destination Reports and Event Alerts

Destination reports for 215 countries and principalities worldwide include entry requirements, COVID-19 travel status and restrictions, detailed health and security assessments and required immunisations. Keep up to date on health and security events worldwide.

Travel Assistance

From a language barrier during an emergency to a lost passport, Global Rescue travel assistance can help with unexpected issues. Global Rescue can also provide referrals to legal representation in more than 160 countries.


COVID-19 Services Include

Unlike other providers, Global Rescue does not make any distinctions between COVID-19 and other infectious diseases with respect to our services. Whether a traveler needs a COVID-19 screening and testing regimen for a trip or needs help finding a COVID-prepared health care facility, Global Rescue provides assistance before, during and after travel. Should an emergency occur, our medical and security experts can fully coordinate all aspects from advisory to evacuation. We’ll be with you every step of the way: Our advisory services continue until the member is brought home or gets better.  

“Global Rescue gave me hope that I would have my life back.”

– Dolly Webster, who contracted COVID-19 during a fly fishing trip in the Bahamas

“They kept me settled, calm and informed. That was the best."

– Michael Blease-Shepley, a UK business traveler trapped in Nigeria during civil unrest

“I know a lot of climbers and they all told me that the one company that will come get you is Global Rescue.”

– Cheryl Gilbert, adventure traveler rescued from the world’s deadliest volcano in Indonesia

“Global Rescue responded to me within about 30 seconds.”

– Maredith Richardson, a U.S. graduate student studying in France who lost her passport to a purse snatcher

“Global Rescue alleviated all of my worries.”

Eliah English, a law student who required hospitalization while traveling in Northern India

Student Memberships

Applying for a visa for a semester abroad or a gap year? Global Rescue student travel memberships are annual memberships available to full time students under the age of 35. Whether you’re buying for yourself or thinking of a gift, click here for all membership options and types.

One Year Student Membership Pricing

Max Trip Length Price
45 days $295 Enroll
90 days $410 Enroll
180 days $560 Enroll
365 days $770 Enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to protect your wallet against trip interruption, lost or damaged luggage and medical emergencies. A Global Rescue membership protects you and your wallet in the event of a travel emergency requiring field rescue and medical evacuation (including COVID-19). When combined, you can be confident knowing you’re traveling with the ultimate safety net. 

What is field rescue?

Emergency field rescue and related medical advisory services included as a part of the Global Rescue membership will provide assistance from the point of illness or injury worldwide when you’re unable to get help on your own.

Will medical evacuation get me home if I’m hurt or injured?

Global Rescue membership services include medical transport to your home hospital of choice if you’re hospitalized as an in-patient 100+ miles from home and require additional hospital care.

Is this only for emergencies?

No. While Global Rescue provides a wide variety of emergency services, it also provides services for non-emergency situations such as: 24/7/365 medical advisory services, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators and real-time event alerts.

Does Global Rescue’s services include COVID-19?

Yes. If members have questions related to COVID-19 or contract the virus while traveling, our same services still apply.

What does Global Rescue membership cost?

Individual memberships are as low as $139. Options are available for individuals, families, and students for short- or long-term travel duration

Are there any restrictions?

Full program details, applicable terms conditions, limitations and exclusions are available in Global Rescue’s Member Services Agreement.

World renowned author Levison Wood explains how Global Rescue saved him.

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A travel protection membership provides the peace of mind travelers need. Our member services team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have before your next trip.


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