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Wander the World Without Worry

Local language barriers. Lost passport. Unexpected medical expenses. Sometimes, our trips don’t go as planned. That’s why MORE Family Collection wants you to have the most comprehensive travel advisory and protection for your vacation.


Global Rescue

Wander the World Without Worry

Local language barriers. Lost passport. Unexpected medical expenses. Sometimes, our trips don’t go as planned. That’s why MORE Family Collection wants you to have the most comprehensive travel advisory and protection for your vacation.



Travel insurance and a Global Rescue membership are not the same thing. Travel insurance is designed to provide financial reimbursement for trip interruption and medical insurance coverage, while our membership provides travel and medical advisory and emergency evacuation/transport at no additional cost.

But a Global Rescue membership and travel insurance do go hand in hand. When you purchase both, you can be confident knowing you’re traveling with the ultimate safety net: travel advisory and assistance, emergency evacuation services, and financial protection.

Key Membership and Insurance Benefits


24/7/365 Traveler Assistance
Detailed Destination Reports
Real-time Event Alerts
Worldwide Field Rescue
Medical Evacuation and Advisory


Trip Cancellation or Interruption
Lost or Damaged Luggage
Medical Bills
Missed Connections or Change Fees
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)

Purchase Global Rescue and Travel Insurance Together

After selecting your Global Rescue plan, follow the prompts to add on a travel insurance policy in the “Additions” step



Wherever you travel, Global Rescue is there to act as a personal assistant for your health and safety – handling everything from expediting replacement of a lost passport to medical guidance from our in-house experts to managing your rescue and medical evacuation, should the worst occur.

Whatever kind of travel concern happen – emergency or not – assistance and advisory is just a phone call away.

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Travel insurance provides coverage against a variety of unforeseen expenses while you’re traveling, giving you the added comfort of knowing the value of your trip is protected in case you need it.

Global Rescue works with leading insurance providers to connect you to a travel insurance policy – including optional Cancel for Any Reason benefits, lost or damaged luggage, medical bills and more – based on your home location.



Does Global Rescue have any restrictions?

Global Rescue offers one of the most comprehensive travel protection memberships on the market.

Membership benefits are not restricted by any activity, country of residence, or mileage-from-home limits. Our services go with you anywhere you travel except U.S. State Department war zones and Polar Region travel above the 80th Parallel North or below the 60th Parallel South.

For those adventuring to higher altitudes, our High-Altitude Evacuation Package provides medical transport services to members who travel above 15,000 feet or 4,600 meters at any point during their trip (excluding airplane travel) and who require emergency transport due to injury or illness.

What is field rescue, and do I need it?

When you are unable to get help on your own, emergency field rescue is assistance from the point of illness or injury to the nearest medical facility. Anyone venturing into the backcountry should have this critical service. Worldwide field rescue was pioneered by Global Rescue.

How do I contact Global Rescue in an emergency?

No matter your situation – emergency or not – you call just one number and one number only: +1 617-459-4200. This is the number you should program into your cell or satellite phone, but you can also contact us through the messaging feature on the My Global Rescue app.

If I need to be rescued, should I arrange my own evacuation?

No. Please call Global Rescue at the time of an incident and we will provide the necessary services from start to finish (if you are incapacitated, you can have a member of your team contact us). When Global Rescue organizes and/or performs the rescue and the Member Services Agreement criteria are met, there is no cost to the member up to $500,000. If you arrange for your own rescue, we are unable to reimburse members.

Will Global Rescue get me home if I'm hurt or injured?

Global Rescue membership services include medical transport to your home hospital of choice if you’re hospitalized as an in-patient 100+ miles from home and require additional hospital care.

What if my insurance offers medical evacuation services?

With a typical insurance company, you are burdened with arranging your own medical transport and submitting the bill later for reimbursement. As a member of Global Rescue, you simply need to contact our team of medical and security professionals, and, if an evacuation is needed, all transport arrangements and costs would be covered by us (medical up to $500,000, security up to $100,000).

Do Global Rescue's services include COVID-19?

Yes. If members have questions related to COVID-19 or contract the virus while traveling, our services apply. We treat COVID like any other disease.

Is Global Rescue only for emergencies?

No. While Global Rescue provides a wide variety of emergency services, we also provide services for non-emergency situations such as: 24/7/365 medical advisory services, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators, real-time event alerts and telehealth.

Don’t Leave Without Packing Your Peace of Mind

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