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Strengthen Your Safety Net

Emergency Field Rescue

Medical Evacuation and Advisory

24/7/365 Traveler Assistance

Urgent Telehealth Access

Wherever* you get sick or injured we will come to you and rescue you from the point of illness or injury for any medical emergency, even COVID.

Emergency Field Rescue

Wherever* you get sick or injured we will come to you and rescue you from the point of illness or injury for any medical emergency, even COVID.

Medical Evacuation and Advisory

If you’re hospitalized more than 100 miles from home for five days or more and cleared “fit to fly” by a medical doctor upon your discharge, we will arrange and pay for your transportation back home.

24/7/365 Traveler Assistance

Obtain real-time, 24/7/365 help with destination health care systems, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators, and real time event alerts any time you’re more than 100 miles from home.

Urgent Telehealth Access

Get real-time video access to telehealth consultations ($95/session) with a physician from the Elite Medical Group.

Complement the Protection of Your AAA Membership

Individual Membership

Travel anywhere in the world knowing you are protected in case of an emergency including COVID and just a call away from 24/7/365 assistance.

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$159 annually

Only $0.44/day

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Family Membership

The same great travel protection and advisory services of the individual membership for your family (includes a couple, plus up to six dependents up to age 26).

Exclusive AAA Member offer

$259 annually

Only $0.71/day

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Wander the World Without Worry

Illness. Injury. Unplanned incidents inevitably crop up when you travel. Our new Annual Worldwide LifelineTM membership is like having a team of Global Rescue’s medical experts right in your back pocket to ensure that – wherever* you go, near home or far away, you travel prepared.

Worldwide LifelineTM Includes*

Emergency field rescue from the point of illness or injury.

Transport home after hospital discharge.

Medical advisory services 24/7/365 from nurses and paramedics trained for any medical situation any time you’re more than 100 miles from home.

Direct traveler assistance to help with local health care system, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators and real-time event alerts any time you’re more than 100 miles from home.

Destination reports for 215 countries and principalities worldwide with entry requirements, COVID-19 travel status and restrictions, detailed health and security assessments and required immunizations.

Telehealth access 24/7/365 for real-time consultations and treatment (additional fees apply).

What Does Help Look Like?

Worldwide LifelineTM assistance can take many different forms.

Help Image

Minor injury or illness

Twisted ankle? Upset stomach? Snake bite?

Members call Global Rescue to get real-time access to doctors, paramedics and nurses who will help sort out the dos and don’ts based on your unique situation and symptoms.

Travel advice

Flash flood warning? Local language barrier? Ran out of a prescription?

You’re just one call away from help from experts who will keep you safe and prepared, whether that means changing your destination, finding translation services or identifying where you can refill your prescription.

Major injury or illness

Head injury? Heat exhaustion? Heart attack? COVID?

In case the truly terrible ever happens, an on-staff expert will assess your circumstance and arrange for your medical evacuation, if necessary.

International services

All the above for when you travel abroad.

Worldwide LifelineTM goes where you go, and the help you need is available worldwide.*

“Global Rescue took care of everything”

Dianette Wells, a Utah resident visiting Fiji when she was infected with dangerous bacteria and needed air transport on a medevac equipped aircraft to a hospital in New Zealand and then the U.S.

“I know a lot of climbers and they all told me that the one company that will come get you is Global Rescue.”

- Cheryl Gilbert, adventure traveler rescued from the world’s deadliest volcano in Indonesia

“Global Rescue alleviated all of my worries.”

Eliah English, a law student who required hospitalization while traveling in Northern India.

“Global Rescue is an easy decision. The value for the dollar is well worth it.”

Richard Jorgensen, a Colorado resident, required immediate airborne medical evacuation following a skiing accident in British Columbia.

Global Rescue is trusted by these organizations

“Join Global Rescue”

“An extra layer of protection”

“Global Rescue is booming”

“High standard of excellence”

“Magellan Award Winner for COVID-19 Intelligence”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this travel insurance?

No. Travel insurance provides financial reimbursement for trip interruption and medical insurance coverage typically for a single trip. Global Rescue’s annual Worldwide LifelineTM membership provides year-long emergency field rescue, medical evacuation and transport, and medical advisory services at no additional cost. There is no additional charge for service. No claims to file, no deductible or copay, and no reimbursement to request when you use the Global Rescue Worldwide LifelineTM services. Access to TotalCareSM telehealth video consultation service with a medical doctor costs an additional $95 per consultation. See Global Rescue’s Worldwide LifelineTM Member Services Agreement for details.

What is field rescue?

Field Rescue is the transport of a member by ground, air or sea to the nearest appropriate hospital, clinic or medical provider. We send help if you are ill, injured or in danger and unable to get to care on your own — no matter where you are in the world, close to home or far away.

Will medical evacuation get me home if I’m hurt or injured?

Yes. As long as a member is more than 100 miles from home and has been hospitalized for 5 days or more and is cleared “fit to fly” commercially by a medical doctor, Global Rescue shall arrange and pay for the member’s transportation home once the member is discharged from the hospital.

Is this only for emergencies?

No. While Worldwide LifelineTM provides a wide variety of emergency services, it can also be used in non-emergency situations, such as 24/7/365 medical advisory services, visa and passport issues, translation, legal locators and real-time travel event alerts.

Do I need to be traveling internationally to use my membership services?

No. While Global Rescue’s medical and travel advisory services are only available to members when they are at least 100 miles from home. Telehealth consultations are available no matter your distance from home. Field rescue is available regardless of your distance from home except when you’re traveling in the Arctic above 80th parallel North or on/near the Antarctic continent below the 60th parallel. Members can also access travel preparation insights – including security threats, entry requirements, COVID-19 travel status and restrictions and more – through destination reports for 215 countries and principalities. See Global Rescue’s Worldwide LifelineTM Member Services Agreement for full details.

Are telehealth services available?

Yes. For $95 per consultation, you have access to real-time video telehealth consultations via TotalCareSM, offering world-class medical care from physicians and Elite Medical Group.

What does Worldwide LifelineTM cost?

An individual membership is $159 for AAA Members from participating affiliates. A family membership is $259 for AAA Members from participating affiliates.

Who can join?

Participation is currently limited to members of the Auto Club Group which includes AAA territories of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Nebraska, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and select counties in Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota. See Participating Affiliates for further details.

Not already a AAA member? Join at www.AAA.com.

Are there any restrictions?

For travelers 75 to 85 years of age, membership services are the same except there is a one-year pre-existing conditions exclusion for medical transport services eligibility instead of 45-days. Individuals older than 85 are not eligible for membership. Full program details, applicable terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions are available in Global Rescue’s Worldwide LifelineTM Member Services Agreement.

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