Medical Evacuation Services for My Child Studying Abroad

September 18, 2019
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Studying abroad is an eye-opening experience that helps students build confidence, connect with other students from different countries and immerse themselves in culture. While many students have health insurance through their parents or university, they may not always have adequate access to critical services in the event of a life-threatening emergency abroad.

What Your Child Should Know Before Studying Abroad

Prior to sending your child abroad, take a comprehensive look at your health insurance plan. Often, medical insurance plans only cover children up to a certain amount of time when outside of the country. Make sure your child is also aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, reimbursements and deductibles. It’s also important to note that medical care in other countries if often completely different than in the U.S., so be sure to thoroughly research.

Also consider a medical evacuation membership. It’s important to note that medical evacuation memberships are not the same as travel insurance and most do not include costs for medical bills.

Questions to Ask the Study Abroad Program Provider

Whether talking to the international student office, off-campus program advisor, or on-campus study abroad office, you should be asking questions to ensure your child’s safety while studying abroad.

  • What is the specific emergency response plan, if there is one?
  • Are there any precautions that will be covered at orientation?
  • Should we be concerned with safety in the area my son/daughter is choosing to stay?
  • How does communication function between departments at the program?

The more information you receive prior to the trip, the easier it will be knowing your child is in a safe setting. Get the on-site directors’ information such as their email and phone number, as well as social media accounts in the event of an emergency.

When Would Medical Evacuation Services Be Necessary When Traveling Abroad?

Illness Abroad
When studying abroad, students can catch the common cold or develop a fever, but on some occasions, students can fall terribly ill. A life-threatening sickness can happen to anyone at any time. Food poisoning and food-borne illnesses also happen frequently abroad which can lead to a hospital visit.

Dangerous Excursions
During break, many students spend time exploring other countries and participating in a series of adrenaline pumping excursions. Windsurfing, bungee jumping, base jumping, sky diving and snorkeling are just a few of the exciting opportunities offered to students studying abroad.

Some of these thrilling activities are high-risk and should be done with caution. If injury does occur, medical evacuation services may be necessary, especially if a student is in a remote location and needs immediate medical attention.

Climbing Accidents
Mountain climbing is another activity perfect for adventure-seekers, but this also comes with dangers. Beginners and experts can both become injured at any point, whether you’re on the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland or the tropical terrain of Peru. From altitude sickness to falls, medical evacuation services can prove lifesaving in serious situations.

Medical Evacuation Membership

By providing your child with a medical evacuation membership when studying abroad you’re giving yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. Medical evacuation services provide access to safely transporting your son or daughter to a facility where they can receive lifesaving care, even from remote areas. Students can feel at ease engaging in exciting new activities and fulfilled, investing in a new adventure knowing they have access to potentially lifesaving services.

Contact Global Rescue for Medical Evacuation Services

Global Rescue is the world’s leading membership organization providing medical evacuation, field rescue and advisory services. Whether you’re seeking a membership for a student studying abroad or the whole family, Global Rescue has a broad range of options for individuals and families.

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